Shiva Rose


Fresh off a trip to Provence, I found myself immersed daily in roses.  I love roses. From perfume to food to decor, I am constantly surrounding myself in these delicate expressions of nature.

When my beautifully botanic friend Shiva Rose launched her non-toxic, chemical free skin care line, which is made in small batches to insure optimal integrity, I knew it was going to have some powerful rose moments. My gateway drug was the Radiant Rosewater spray and now I’m covering my entire body in this lovely line. I am quite sensitive to energy and I have to say, the energy in these products emit positivity and that positivity goes right onto your skin and into your soul.

I’m deeply into skincare these days as I have pared-down my use of makeup, opting for more natural beauty. When you can’t hide your skin behind foundation and powder tricks, you have to make it naturally look as good as you are trying to fake it with the application of makeup. Smooth, even tone, and naturally glowing. It honestly even took me some time to get used to looking at the natural texture of my skin!

I’ve been experimenting with different beauty lines and currently I’ve been focusing on Shiva Rose. Overall, I say these beautiful products are great for the woman who wants mega moisture and natural scents delivered through a bouquet of essential oils and topped off with a lot of happy spirit juju.


The Gentle Cleanser-

Pearl Milk Cleanser might be my favorite of all Shiva Rose’s products. It’s a face wash that doesn’t strip your face bare of it’s natural balance. It feels calming and hydrating to use with a very delicate natural exfoliant from black willow bark and luminizing elixir from the pearl powder, your face comes out clean and radiant. Shiva is not just about the physical aspects of beauty but how it ties to the inner spirit and this gentle fresh scent cleanser really does feel uplifting.


The Perfect Beauty Balm-

Glow Face Balm is that kind of do-it-all-for-you treatment. Slightly thicker in the jar, the moment it touches your skin it melts into a silky oil I use all over my face, lips, neck, décolletage, and cuticles. It’s oily at first application so give it a few minutes to soak into the skin and you’ll feel soft and radiant. The fragrance notes are brighter, mixing floral roses with the woody and lemony notes of frankincense. This “goddess glow” balm also contains Argan Oil, also known as liquid gold, a beauty weapon I discovered on my journey through Morocco.


For the Body-

This product is amazing. Typically when I think of body scrubs I think of an abrasive texture sitting in oil you sandpaper all over your body. This, however, is not like that at all. With a slight grainy texture, this paste melts into your skin like butter. A strong bouquet of lemongrass instantly makes you feel brighter and lingers on your skin afterwards in a way no other body scrub has. It’s no wonder she calls it the Sea Siren Body Scrub, it truly makes you feel like a sea goddess.


For the Eyes-

Before you even put it on you feel the soothing nature coming through with this Blue Crystal Eye Cream. I love the dusty blue-green tone and intense organic smell, a mix of anti-aging evening primrose, chamomile, blue tansy, lavender, and sandalwood notes balanced with powerful natural ingredients like aloe to fight puffiness and activated by azurite crystals.


The Rosewater Spray-

This was my point of entry into Shiva Rose’s collection. I love rosewater sprays. I think they are the secret to natural beauty. I spray this on my face first thing in the morning, after any point in my skincare routine, throughout the day, and after I finish applying what little makeup I do wear. I am a firm believer it keeps your skin hydrated, glowing, calm, and youthful. Shiva’s Radiant Rosewater has an organic rose scent without smelling perfumed.

Other botanical mists I rotate between are Chantecaille’s Pure Rosewater made from 100% Rose de Mai from Provence, May Lindstrom’s Jasmine Garden Mist (possibly the best smelling beauty product in the world!), and Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. I also always carry a travel size Caudalie beauty elixir spray with me for multiple applications on flights.


Above, a portrait of Shiva Rose I took in the backyard of her L.A. home when she first discussed the desire to make a line of skin care for women based on natural beauty. Her blog, The Local Rose, goes even further with stories of wellness, at-home natural beauty remedies, healthy lifestyle recipes and much more for the mind, body and spirit.

More beauty stories…

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The Fashion Bride


Just days before her wedding last weekend in Austin, Harper’s Bazaar asked us to shoot a story on alternative bridal looks for the fashion girl. This fashion girl being our friend Laurel Pantin and editorial director of The Coveteur who bought so many wedding dresses IRL it became a joke among friends. She explained to Harper’s:

“I want to feel really cool, and different and fun but then I also want to feel unique and like I was doing something off the beaten path, but then I also want to feel like a gorgeous princess…

I think my looks really round out all the different sides to my personality and the different things that I was hoping to express through my clothes at my wedding–the fashion-y part, the romantic, pretty girl and then just…disco garbage.”

In the end she was a beautiful princess (Monique Lhuillier), the hopeless romantic (Altuzarra) and a true sparkle baby (vintage Calvin Klein).

Below is a fun mix of playing dress up with Harper’s Bazaar with Fall 2016 runway looks and a few avant-garde bridal gowns from Spring 2017 for that fashion bride who truly has her own sense of style.

*Click on any image to view high res*


Ermanno Scervino pleated lace dress || Stephen Russell 15k yellow gold pendant earrings and 18th century silver, gold and diamond cluster ring, ca. 1780 || Brother Vellies “Lali” boot in brocade


Valentino gown || Aquazzura “Christy” flat in white gold || Jemma Wynne 18K blackened pave diamond and pearl ear climbers


Jonathan Simkhai layered loop tulle dress || Jimmy Choo “Viola” sandal || Stephen Russell platinum and diamond chandelier earrings

Harpers_Bazaar_Laurel_Pantin_05 (more…)

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A Story for Harper’s Bazaar


Tomorrow in Austin, Texas, my friend and editorial director of The Coveteur, Laurel Pantin is getting married. Everyone has their wedding dress story of finding “the one”, but working in fashion makes choosing that one perfect dress insanely difficult…. so that’s why Laurel bought somewhere around seven options! To play off her indecisiveness Harper’s Bazaar asked us to put together a fun fashion editorial covering a myriad of bridal personalities from traditional wedding gowns to designer Fall 2016 collections and every hairstyle in between….

To see the full story visit Harper’s Bazaar!


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Dom Pérignon P2 1998


From the fields of France to the tables in Barcelona, we have been on some amazing journeys with Dom Pérignon. The latest adventure has us standing over the Californian desert horizon of Joshua Tree, drawing parallels between a 100 million year old natural park with its rich history of change and Dom Pérignon’s 1998 vintage which is now, according to Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, entering its Second Pléntitude on its own journey through time and change.

The Second Pléntitude, or P2 as they call it, happens around year fifteen in the champagne aging process. According to Geoffroy, champagne has three peak stages: The first at around seven years, the second at fifteen and the final stage around thirty. For the sake of comparison, a typical champagne is aged around three years. When you contrast the aging of Joshua Tree and how it has had many stages created and affected by nature you see how the stages of champagne are a small mirror to a vast landscape, both displaying their beautiful triumphs as a result of mother nature.

I love champagne, of course, it is greatly heightened by the master craft and artisanship of a wine like Dom, but I don’t drink it because of the name on the label. I love champagne because I’ve never had a bad time with it. It evokes memories of celebration, joy, friendship, laughter, perfect sunsets and even perfect sunrises. When we toast with champagne it is that sparkle in our eyes that effortlessly compliments the golden movements of the silent symphony inside that golden glass leaving your memories to float up into the night-sky and dance among the stars.

Dom_Perignon_p2_1998_03 Dom_Perignon_p2_1998_04 Dom_Perignon_p2_1998_05 Dom_Perignon_p2_1998_07 (more…)

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