Apple Orchard

Feeling, smelling, and tasting the Fall…

I’ve always wanted to visit an apple orchard and this fall I finally got the chance to wander among the grounds of Alldredge Orchards. There was something wonderfully organic about the experience of picking an apple and then taking a big crispy bite out of it. I have to say, this braeburn apple was the best variety I’ve ever eaten, a beautiful combination of sweet and tart. I’m hooked…

The Apple Orchard

~by Lisa Bells

When sky rises high
and turns ever blue
Melodies in the orchard briskly fly
Who turned me into a musician
that can play the notes of apples

Muses would be amused by the picking rythem
and gods will enjoy in this season for their poems
with such a good reason –
Muses will admire me
for I have the orchard and the apple feasts

Who can organize such a band
of top players in my apple orchard?
Who will be a good listener of the music?
Autumn askes the grasshopers in the orchard
and the autumn insects hiding in it

Picking apples makes me into a dancer
accompanied by the musician of nature
The apple trees turn into a singer
Appolo driving his chariot over the orchard
shoot the performance into my head for ever

Alldredge Orchard, Platte City, Missouri

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