Flavor of the Month~

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Flavor of the Month: Something I’m intensely in love with and crazy about for a given amount of time. Then I’ll wake up one day and though I still love it, something new has caught my eye thus taking over that category as the new favorite. This can consist of anything from food to websites to stores to drinks. We call this my Flavor of the Month. This is what I’m wild about in February so far:

My charm bracelet~ I started collecting charms around the 6th grade my first one being a best friend charm given to me by my then best friend. It reminds me of the summers we spent at the pool and the once a week mandatory sleepovers giggling over pictures of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. She was my first model and was there when I got back that roll of film — events which coalesced in to what I now do with my life. On the charm bracelet there are a gymnast, volleyball, track shoes, among others representing different sports hobbies in my life. All the places I’ve traveled to and cites/states I’ve lived in have been collected up on this one link and are a great way to bring back special memories and milestones in my life. People always ask me which is my single favorite charm- the large whistle, a replica of the one Humphrey Bogart gave Lauren Bacall as a reminder to her famous line “You know how to whistle don’t you Steve, you just put your lips together… and blow.” Oh, and Lauren Bacall is another Flavor of the Month as style icon.

Pin Curls~ Channeling women in the 1930’s, I have been going through the nightly routine of hand pinning my hair into curls wrapping it in my Paris scarf tied in a bow and the next morning feeling like an old Hollywood movie star when I brush it out. It is a practice in patience and grooming and really fun to experience what women used to do in their daily beauty routine. I watched “Poifect Pin Coils!” and “Glamorous 1940’s Pageboy” how to videos to learn. Above you can see the steps and below is the brushed out finished results.

Lipstick in Lady Danger~ Red is not enough, I love this bright orange-red Mac lipstick shown to me by stylist and jewelry designer Meagan Camp. Not only does it make you feel like a pin up but it serves as a good marker for which drinking glass is yours.

Brunch & Whats Up Stairs~ I’m absolutely crazy about brunch and CBS Sunday Morning. I look forward to this more than anything else in the week. I’m not a breakfast person so I’ve been learning new recipes suitable for this time of day. I’ve taken great inspiration for my brunches from my current favorite blogger right now, whats up stairs. The baked eggs above came from his post: Meet a new staple in my kitchen. He has a series called Friday with Walt Whitman and this incredibly beautiful lifestyle I greatly enjoy reading about.

Grapefruit~ So I’ve been watching past seasons of Gilmore Girls after a trip to New England in the fall with my Dad. I have never seen this series but- in true flavor of the month fashion- I love it. I now take all advise from Richard & Emily Gilmore, often asking myself “What Would Emily Do?” So when Richard Gilmore said you should start your day with grapefruit I said OK and now I can’t live without it. I feel healthier and sharper… for now.

Retro Cases~ I love throwing these vintage cases into my purse. A gentleman’s cigarette case for my cards, an emergency sewing kit for accidents, gold pens and a pencil for major business deals (or ones I like to imagine happening) and a see-through makeup bag. Also a purse must have: ladies handkerchiefs, but only with blue designs for this month, I’m just crazy about blue flowers and I have no idea why. There is no reasoning to the madness.

Evening Clutches~ After carrying this to Tiffany’s Pot-Luck Pictionary Cocktail Party it’s all I’ve wanted to do at night. I love the feeling of occasion and separating day from night through handbags with this vintage sparkly treasure.

This is a sampling of my “Flavor of the Month”~ I’ve posted it here to share, maybe hear back what some people are into right now and could possibly become one of my new favorite things… but mostly it’s a way to catalog what I loved and what I was into throughout the year. Last fall I was crazy about Chai-der, then came my deep love for organic milk, now I’m in liquid limbo… what’s next? Who knows but I’m excited.