Flavor of the Month~ March

What is Flavor of the Month?: Something I’m intensely in love with and crazy about for a given amount of time. Then I’ll wake up one day and though I still love it, something new has caught my eye thus taking over that category as the new favorite. This can consist of anything from food to websites to stores to drinks. We call this my Flavor of the Month. This is what I’m wild about in March so far:

Heart Shaped Lockets~

A vintage locket, a special gift, I love it for always. Also makes for a good thing to fiddle with when bored. But as my Mom always said, “If you are bored, you are boring” so moments like those last for short seconds until I Lucille Ball up something to do.

Vintage Perfume Bottle~

So last month my Aunt Deb sent me this vintage perfume bottle she received from her German immigrated neighbor. She informed me that it came to America from Germany decades ago and is very old. So I pried open my YSL Paris perfume bottle, made a funnel out of parchment paper and transfered the liquid to it’s new home. It feels so glamorous and I wear A LOT more perfume for the shear enjoyment of the pump… much to fellow subway riders dismay I’m sure.

Milk & Glass Bottles~

I love reusing things and containers such as this to hold milk or homemade salad dressings or flowers for the kitchen, whatever I’m up to that day. And organic milk, oh my organic milk… it’s the greatest.


Right now I love scarfs. Tucked in, tied, like a bandit, and as a headband are the many ways I wear them. Maybe it’s a way of wearing spring until spring comes around me?…. And my new favorite hairdo- inspired by Anna Lynett of project runway. I felt like she looked like an impressionist painting. I want to look like an impressionist painting too.

Deli Lunch~

Claire told us about the best deli counter sandwiches in NYC, Mani’s Marketplace. Unlike most cat-filled New York deli’s, this one is special and fresh and the grilled chicken pesto sandwich brings tears to my eyes and I want it.. again and again and you get the idea.

A Pen, a Brain & the BEST Coffee~

So how can one fall in love with a pen? I don’t know but it happened. This silver beauty and I met at the Andrew Low House in Savannah and I haven’t written with anything sense. The journal is what I call my brain. I spend so much of my life on the computer that to get away from it is very important. I draw out my calendar, I write down my contacts, I make notes the old fashioned way- pen to paper (and what a pen hubba-hubba). Lastly- I’m a little upset that I made it this long in life not knowing about the wonderment of french press coffee. Whom ever was suppose to teach me and didn’t- I’m mad at you.

Old Nicknacks~ For my birthday I got a care package from my Aunt Sherry that contained this awesome artifact of photography’s past.

The Honey Pot~ Savannah Bee Co. has the best, the greatest, the most incredible Winter White Honey. I love having it with my tea or on a slice of cheese. It’s described as “snow melting on your tongue”- need I say more? The honey pot is just plain pretty and where I keep the honey I cook with.

The Mixer~

My Mom surprised me with a Sunbeam mixer like her grandma used to cook with! I was so excited because I’ve been watching old Julia Child cooking shows and she uses a Sunbeam too!!! I’ve made everything from dough to cake to whipped cream with it! It’s my favorite kitchen item!


Last month I posted the picture about the retro drink cart we found in the trash on 96th street- One man’s trash, another man’s treasure– well, the jewelry box that sits atop which I’ve had since I was little but have no real idea where it came from now has a story. My Aunt Sherry gave it to me, here is what she said: “I can tell you that it came from Thailand circa 1973. Just miles from the Vietnam border. The last 30 minutes of hand carving was finished as a young Air Force Sergeant First Class watched & waited to purchase it for his bride.” She bestowed it to me some years after that and though I loved it completely before, this new found information has made it a treasure, one that I think about everyday when I look in it.

ABC and TEX~

Texans supporting Texans. Through a very round-about way (which you can read in his Peek-A-Blog interview) two native Texans, Jon Paul and I, became fast friends. You know anything to do with Texas I’m crazy about (even this month’s free iPhone wallpaper theme is Texas) so you can guess I am crazy about him! Maybe it has something to do with the understanding of Chigger Ridge and learning that summering was a thing you do in NYC. “Until I moved to the Big Apple, I had never heard the word “summer” used as a verb… New Yorkers returned after Labor Day bronzed and exhausted. In Dallas, we just went to Lake Texhoma and returned leathery and pickled.” I pull out his book, tease up my Texas hair, and read his television-sitcom hysteria of a Texan taking over the big apple (and Tyra Banks and Whoopi’s Oscar and…). The best part- he blogs like he writes so when the show ends (you finish the book) you can still enjoy the movie (his daily blog).

This is a sampling of my “Flavor of the Month”~ I’ve posted it here to share, maybe hear back what some people are into right now and could possibly become one of my new favorite things… but mostly it’s a way to catalog what I loved and what I was into throughout the year.… what’s next? Who knows but I’m excited.

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