Interview with OneThing blog~

This month I was honored to be interviewed on OneThing blog:

Jamie Beck: my one thing is…

Q: There’s a saying, to pick one thing and do it well. What’s your one thing?

Jamie: Photography. I knew it was my one thing from the first time I took a photograph. I’ll strive to do it well my whole life and I’ll always be working on my craft trying to make it better or greater or fresher or more challenging… you get my drift. Photography for me is a part of my being, like a creepy 3rd eye or something. Not that I have a 3rd eye, who said I had a 3rd eye?! So I may show up at shoots with red lipstick and a charm bracelet on but I’m a photographer and I strive to be great, all the time, every day, and besides, who says all successful women photographers have to be morphed into men? I don’t want to shoot babies, I just want shoot what my mind likes.

Q: What do you like about what you do?

Jamie: The limits are only what my mind creates.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Jamie: I don’t really feel like I’ve lived a day successfully or actually experienced it unless I take a photograph. Even when I’m laying in bed at night I picture images I’ve yet to take. With that said, I’m not going anywhere so you might as well get with the program and let me shoot for you.

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