The Food Diary of a Brocavore~

From Mike’s Food Diary:

Entry #3: Olives with Porch Grown Herbs


·      1 Tbsp of chopped herbs like oregano, parsley or thyme

·      2 Tbsp of diced cheese and preferably firm and made with goats milk

·      1/2 clove garlic chopped

·      1/2 tsp of good olive oil

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix. Transfer to a serving dish. Simple. 


Use basil, fresh rosemary, or tarragon
Omit the cheese
Serve warm by placing all the ingredients in a sauté pan over low heat for 5 minutes

Wine Recommendation

The briny quality of olives induces thirst, so pair them with a cool, vigorous glass of white wine. Let’s say a crispy Pinot Bianco from Northern Italy or a sleek Muscadet from France. 

The Food Diary of a Brocavore is an ongoing collaboration project with words & recipes by Mike of whats up stairs and photography by me. Please do enjoy other entries from The Food Diary of a Brocavore!