Blog Theme Designed~ From Me To You

A collaboration project between two artists.

I know very well the importance of what good design can communicate and mean, for over a year I’ve lived within the walls of my own blog design. This is my home on the Internet. It’s a warm, safe environment which inspires me to share so much of my work, passion, and art daily all over the world. I think of it like a beautiful picture frame elevating the content. Collaborating again with New York City Web Designer, Kevin Burg, we created another theme, this time however, available for anyone!

It’s called Southern Afternoon and mixes real photographed elements with the online world. Inspiration for our theme came from old scrapbooks, scrapbooks being a place where you keep mementos, photographs, letters, concert tickets, all the things personal to you. I’m so dearly proud of this project that took us 3 months to complete & is now available for you! I can’t wait to see what you post in your virtual scrapbook!

See the full design here with all the bells & whistles on display to showcase all the ways you can post and all the changes you can make to personalize it for you!

                                      Click HERE if you want to purchase!