“The Private Life of a Legend”

“To spend a day with Vicente Wolf is to walk in the footsteps of a Design God.”

When the editors of Rue Magazine first approached me about shooting ‘A Day in the Life of Vicente Wolf’ I was… well, nervous. Mr. Wolf not only was letting me intimately shadow his day but he was also welcoming us into his beautiful Manhattan home. After I met him the nerves left as we talked about blogging (YES! he blogs!) and his amazing personal collection of photographs by the world’s most important and visionary photographers. I mean, I almost cried when he shared stories about Avedon. Thank you Mr. Wolf for this amazing essay, it was truly an honor.

Contributing photo essay to the newest interior, inspiration & ideas publication- Rue Magazine, please see the story & read the interview by Julie Holloway as we follow Vicente Wolf throughout his day!

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