That’s the show

I want to give a very special thanks Rich Tong for this amazing week, it went down in history. As always, thanks to Tumblr for the support and vision- it’s an honor & privilege to know you guys. 

I could not have been the creative outlet I was without the support and technical talent of Kevin Burgthe man who has been endlessly editing the gifs. Thank you, I would have collapsed without you.

The Milk video crew! You poor guys, up before us and asleep after us. I hope you got good footage for the documentary- please don’t use anything that shows my double chin 😉

I’m happy to leave fashion week having met the most beautiful, talented, visionary people in the industry and proud to say they are sincerely nice. Thanks to the editors, designers, agents, stylists, models and personalities that hosted us and opened up your worlds for us to peak inside. I’m truly inspired by y’all.

The Tumblr 24…. I’m happy to call y’all friends now. I would not have wanted to share the week with any other group. See y’all online…

This will be my last post for the week as NYFW comes to an end but I will be back next week posting some of the amazing stories I captured along the way (Umm… tour of Oscar de la Renta’s studio!!!) and many more of the animated gifs that hopefully bring to life the image of what Fashion Week is like.

Until Monday, have a great weekend & thanks for following along at New York Fashion Week!