Is it impossible? Not anymore.

In 2009 Polaroid shut down their instant film production plant. On that day the Impossible Project was born to save this beautiful and important resource so artists can continue to express themselves with this medium and people like you and me can capture life’s fleeting moments in this timeless way like our parents and grandparents did before us.

I’ve been collecting vintage cameras and instant polaroids since a teenager so the death of Polaroid was particularly heartbreaking. The second I learned about the Impossible Project from ck/ck I knew I had a new hero.

The Impossible Team did the impossible: they saved these important types of processes so the cameras can live on as more than just pretty shelf decoration but as a way to continue to capture the world through artist’s eyes.

*side note. I’ve never had better costumer service than when I come to Impossible, the people who are so passionately a part of this project are not only incredibly knowledgeable in the cameras, formats and films but extremely nice… refreshing this day and age.

My most recent Impossible purchases: the same camera Andy Warhol used to shoot these portraits and a Spectra with a macro adapter!

From this photographer to Impossible: thank ya’ll for what you do, you are true champions.

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