My beautiful friend Jenni Radosevich is a DIY guru (remember her amazing monthly DIY column for InStyle Magazine?) and she has just published a genius book for the fashionista meets craft maven. I was so thrilled when Jenni invited me to shoot some of the beauty images and cover for her book, I grew up doing DIY projects with my Grandma in Texas so it was a lot of fun seeing how home projects have come along the past 20 years!

Below are some outtakes from the shoot and if you have some time to kill this summer, why not make something?!

Images from: I Spy DIY Style Models: Jessica QuirkChristine CameronKimberly Pesch, and Alison Dahl / MakeupJessica Ross / Styling: Jenni Radosevich
***************Last Night’s Book Launch Party at the Coach Store in Soho!***************

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