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Behind the Scenes

DKNY Fragrances // Makeup by Bradford Knight // Hair by Tashina Tantalos // Film crew: Indelible

I was very honored when DKNY Fragrances offered me a unique look into their world of scents and opened the pathway for me to be inspired to create imagery around the essence and emotion of the DKNY Fragrance collections.

You’ll see our work pop up on their Facebook page in the coming months and as a kickstart to the collaboration we made a little film together with the talented team at Indelible about our life in New York, our passion for work and my love for perfume

Below are images behind the scenes from our shoot, aaaaand a very first look into our creative studio!

Above: Hair by Tashina Tantalos, makeup by Bradford Knight. The inspiration was “Rita Hayworth”… big surprise eh?

Three quarter sleeve dress with open back and washed leather drape front jacket by DKNY 

Shooting at Ann Street Studio, our creative work space downtown

Hashtag diva! I didn’t even have to buckle my own shoes. 

Above: Of course we talked a lot about these, it goes with the territory.

Above: Leather Peplum Blouse and Skinny Black Pant with Leather Riding Patch by DKNY / Rachel Roy Black Delia Boots

Loved watching them film with the Glidecam HD4000, so smooth in the final video but you would never know he was running after me on the bike. 

Below, ending the filming day with a nightcap at the Odeon, one of our personal favorite post-studio work day haunts. 

See how the video came out here!

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Men’s Hair…

Thomas came by the studio recently to model for Of a Kind and I could not get over his most recent hair cut. It reminded me of a photo series Norman Parkinson did of Montgomery Clift… and I was obsessed.

This post has no real purpose. I just wanted to photograph his hair. #donezo

Yes, Deer Tie” above for Of a Kind / cover image has that scarf again.


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Courtney Lewis wearing Catbird rings and Of a Kind scarf shot in NYC

Don’t you just love delicate rings? There is something so soft and feminine about them, I’m always looking for smaller and smaller options. I’m obsessed with these from Catbird in Brooklyn, a gold twisted band and some threadbares are going into my collection.. muwhhhhaa.

(and the polka dot scarf I couldn’t go to Paris without!)

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Get with the FLOW

By now you know we are in Paris having the most inspiring time and eating way too much bread, butter, and cheese for the “looks” I packed… but so it goes! We are actually here today to speak at FLOW Paris, the European Social Media Conference, about our work, Cinemagraphs, this blog, Instagram and creating art together.

This is what we said this morning in Paris from the live stream and I encourage you to check out some of the videos of other speakers to be in touch with what is going on in the digital and luxury space.

The Flow is moving forward, are you on board?


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