Riding in Style

Spending the last weekend of summer with David Yurman at the Hampton Classic doesn’t get any more proper or lovely. With a front row seat to the action, gourmet food and amazing people watching (see more below) it was an afternoon of sport and grace. In other news, I am now completely obsessed with horse riding fashion.

I was gone with the wind in my Ralph Lauren dress with easy Jackie O sandals ( I love the idea of flats with long dresses) and David Yurman jewelry.

Thank you so much to the David Yurman family, it was a day to remember.

22 thoughts on “Riding in Style

  1. dear jamie,

    is there anything that you do/touch/wear which doesn’t look that beautiful?
    i love your pictures so much! but sometimes to me they are just too dreamy… 🙂

  2. your photos are so wonderful and you look breathtaking in that dress
    I just came across you blog through a tweet saying you looked especially ladylike in your post today (curiousity got the better of me and here I am) – your blog is beautiful and I am you newest Bloglovin’ follower

    ♥ ThankFifi

  3. These photos are brilliant. There’s a whole look that goes along with this atmosphere which you can clearly see in these photos. I would love to wear some of those dresses and hats. A nice hat can make or break one of these wardrobes.

  4. So Classy and pretty!!! I must say, I adore your blog
    and I’ve been following it for a long time now. And I have to say as well, you
    take spectacular pictures and your posts are getting even better with time!! I
    hope you never stop blogging, because I found so much inspiration in what you

  5. how beautiful! i grew up riding and showing Hunter/Jumpers and this is the most beautiful depiction of the scene! you really made it look so perfect. although, there are always such a mix of people at equestrian events and you also seemed to capture that perfectly 🙂

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