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Kiss me in Paris

Have a romantic weekend!

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  • I hope you’re enjoying your time in Paris :) That photo reminds me so much of one I took recently: I almost think it’s taken at the same place. Have a great time! I love love love your photos and your blog. You’re my biggest inspiration when it comes to photography.


  • Kate

    I love your Photos!

  • Kate

    Oh wow, this is gorgeous.


    Something Ivory

  • Rebecca


  • oh this is so incredibly romantic! i never tire of your images. hope you’re having the best time in paris!

    • How can you not? I’m having photographic obsession!

  • The embodiment of fall and all its romantic perfection. Love it.


    Paris is my city! This is so beautiful.

  • Chelsea

    I have been watching this all morning.. it’s so beautiful! can I ask where you found it?


    • Chelsea

      oops just kidding, it’s your photo :) so lovely!

  • Smita


  • CiaoChessa

    one of my favorite contemporary photographers in one of my favorite cities…clearly only magical things can happen. enjoy!

  • Sarah

    I love this. I totally linked it back to you on my blog. I can’t get enough of these =)

    – Sarah

  • barefoot duchess blog

    it is so real that I can feel the breeze!!

  • camillaleila

    Goodness I miss Paris. We like to spend every Christmas there but missed out last year. I need to find a way to get back…and soon!

  • Génial!!!

  • skepticfeeling

    Paris is the capital of love and romance … I think every second couple dreams to spend their honeymoon in Paris, and they are totally right …

  • Julio Asesor

    achieve this effect as in the picture?


    mantenimiento lavadoras sasmung

  • R M

    I love this image, it’s really sweet 😀

    How did you achieve the moving image effect?

  • Alisha4

    I love this cinemagraph. The movement of the water and the blowing of the breeze looks so continuous. It’s amazing.

  • Yuri Samoylenko

    …inspire with your mood, very impressed your work…i tryed to do some like you but can`t to make pictures with continuity,can`t make transition insensibly…sorry for my english)

  • Niklas o’ B……

    Is that the Seine? I could have sworn this video was taken along the Canal Saint Martin. I have a picture of my wife standing at what I think is the exact same spot. And since it was taken in November of last year, we even had the blowing leaves.

  • parvaz


  • The old GIF!

  • valérie (Tours, France)

    Très romantique !

  • alex


  • Charles kaf Okafor

    luv ur works man

  • What software do you use,PS?