LE BAL // Paris

Just around the turn from the Arc de Triomphe behind a gated walled entrance was a glowing  evening of artistic collaboration and celebration of M·A·C Cosmetics & fashion icon Carine Roitfeld at the dreamy Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild. It is no surprise that a woman who is known for her smoky eye and “violating the codes of bourgeois elegance” would find her way into the heart of M·A·C and bring a new collection of makeup to the world table so that we may all be that cool french chic.

The night was alive through the flashes of cameras as the soul crushing voice of Paloma Faith echoed through the historic french rooms with graceful ballet dancers twisting and turning among famous designers sipping champagne and super models taking the air out of the room.  It was…

A night to remember.


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Le Bal hosted by Carine Roitfeld &  M·A·C Cosmetics on October 2, 2012 in Paris, France at the historic Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, during Paris fashion week to celebrate the launch of her first-ever colour collection

32 thoughts on “LE BAL // Paris

  1. I just can’t with this post. So much fabulousness, creativity and magic in one place. I especially love how the photos are mostly of private moments exchanged by a few party goers..an exciting story is about to unfold in each shot and they almost look like stills from a film. My favorites are ADR twirling (is that what she is doing with that glorious and insane “hat”?), the women gossiping, the couple whispering in a corner (those legs!) and Valentino and friend on a balcony. But let’s be honest, they’re all amazig.

  2. This has to be one of my favorite posts you have ever done. I seriously cannot get enough! On top of the already magical way you report events, the party-goers here are otherworldly… so much originality.

  3. Wow!! These photos are stunning and take your readers into the room with you. The way you made black clothing stand out in a dark room is so impressive. Gorgeous!!!!

  4. Those pictures were incredible! I loved looking at them. I haven’t been feeling well in my first trimester of pregnancy and haven’t felt motivated to comment on anything the whole time, but you just brought me out of my fog for a few minutes. Gorgeous! I’m grateful.

  5. not a single person in those images seems authentic…if you were to strip those people naked and take away their fancy clothes, inflated titles, and megawatt connections…what you would be left with is a vapid crowd of sycophants, gossipers, ankle bitters—basically, incredibly shallow, uninteresting, and self-centered people.
    Ornaments. That is all they are…the power of kindness and spirit are missing in that room.
    To think that the rest of the world is shouldering greater and greater economic burdens while a bunch of Marie Antoinettes in tulle, silk, and $1000 dollar stillettos twirl around—is indeed a sad sight.
    But then again, one should never underestimate the power of poverty paired with a guillotine.
    Fashion is always about excess, wealth, and the privelge….now that the percentage of well to do is shrinking,,,I wonder how long before heads start rolling.

    1. It is utterly impossible to discern someone’s intelligence from (talented and gorgeous) photographs of people enjoying themselves in expensive, tasteful clothes. Vanity, vapidity and ‘self-centred’ qualities are also things that need to be experienced to be judged. These people I assure you are not trying to undermine the economy or indeed your honour. And as clever as your analogy is darling, there will always be someone more rich and more powerful than you. So please dismount your high horse

  6. It must have been extraordinary to be there documenting all those insanely chic people (and what did YOU wear?!?). Your photos capture the decadence of it so well.

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