Paris in the Fall

Paris, France September 2012. All images shot on 35mm tri-x 400 film 

 Earlier this fall we arrived in Paris to speak about Cinemagraphs at FLOW, shoot for MTV House of Style, and attend Carine Roitfeld’s Le Bal, but before all the events and shoots we took a few days in Paris to live quietly, eat simply, and walk the streets with no purpose but to see through the eyes of a Parisian.

I think of these images as postcards brought back to be shared

From Me To You…

Kissing in Paris is a must, the sparkling Eiffel Tower always steals my heart, the first time I went to Paris it was just as magical, Paris & Polaroids just go hand in hand, I wish we had their cafe culture, and in my memories it looks something like this….

I love dressing in Paris, I feel more like myself here than in any other city of the world. Classic, simple, chic… weekday outfits & weekend outfits & friendship was well documented.

I also have the great pleasure of being a Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemaker so many of my Paris fashion moments, like above, were made more glamorous with amazing Choos.

My wonderful hat designer friend Satya Twena was living in Paris this past summer and let us borrow her Vélib cards, Paris’s public bike system, which easily became our favorite way to move around the city. My favorite memory was the night of Kevin’s birthday we left Le Bal at 2am, hopped on bikes and found a cafe open where we sat outside sipping champagne and having a late night meal before riding home on an empty Paris night.


On one of those unplanned nights that turns into an adventure we found ourselves at an old small club where the drinks were strong and the music was haunting.


Bonjour Paris!

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  • TheNewDiplomatsWife

    beautiful. like most things paris related, they have just the right amount of romance, inspiration and heartbreak in them.

    • From Me To You


  • Naomi@TheOccasionalIndulgence

    All lovely pictures. Really~

  • mes bijoux

    wow! I looooove your photos! it has been a long time that I haven’t seen such a wonderful b&w pictures! you really make me feel as I was walking around the autumnal city.
    kisses from Barcelona!

    • From Me To You

      Yay! Thank you from Barcelona! One day I’ll come to your city, I very much look forward to that. Thanks for the comment!

  • Christian @

    Love these, I need Paris in my life!

  • Red shoes No knickers

    Oh Jamie! These photos are just so amazing and really capture the essence of Paris. One of the best things about living in London is that I’m able to pop to Paris for the day….a treat if ever there was one!

    • From Me To You

      Oh my goodness, I would be popping over to Paris all the time! How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful city so close to many amazing and inspiring locations!

  • thankfifi

    beautiful shots and memories

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • andrzej

    fantastic series, cheers

  • Camilla Leila

    My god, Jamie, these capture Paris perfectly. I am dying to get back. I have such fond memories sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying French cheese at Cafe de Flore with my father. It is a truly magical place. These pictures…I can’t get over them. Wow.

    • Camilla Leila

      also my mom chimed in to say that these remind her of Magnum photos.

      • From Me To You

        Oh, would love to see her magnum photos!

        • Camilla Leila

          Oh gosh – no, she’s not a photographer but she worked with a couple of the Magnum guys back in her hotshot graphic design days. Ha! She would have been a great one though!

    • From Me To You

      My heart felt so warm when I read this, thank you for sharing.

  • Juliana from NC

    Lovely images, Jamie. Paris looks spectacular in black and white.

    • From Me To You

      Thank you, it’s my favorite way to shoot it…

  • Jade Sheldon

    Just incredible. I have been dreaming about Paris so much lately. I miss it so…

  • Sydney Ballesteros

    Beautiful images! They are so reminiscent of another time. They leave you feeling very nostalgic for the past :)

    • From Me To You

      Oh, love that!

  • Kaitlin Valentine

    You and your art work are so inspiring! I hope that one day I will as fortunate to travel to all of the beautiful places that you do. Thank you for sharing the beauty that you capture!

  • R

    Dear Jamie,

    These are such beautiful images of Paris! You can really get lost in their romanticism. I really appreciate that you shoot so much film and was equally taken by their technical beauty/mastery— I was wondering if you would kindly share some of your methods? First: what developer combination do you use with the tri-x to get such rich contrast and at the same time detailed highlights/shadows. Second, What is you metering strategy? Do you meter off the shadows, mid tones, or highlights? Do you use the zone system? Oh, and the images that were shot indoors/on the train are you using a flash? Lastly, thank you for sharing your fabulous work, it’s truly inspiring.

    • From Me To You

      Thanks so much for your comment.
      I used to process B&W film myself and when I did I would use D-76 developer. I always try to meter off of an area of the photograph that looks close to 18%gray and then I over expose it just a touch. Basically I make sure I don’t meter off the brightest or darkest point of the photograph and I don’t take an average meter. A lot of photographers I know just carry around a light meter to guarantee the shot. For these photographs I never used a flash, it is all ambient light.
      Hope that helps!!

      • R

        Thank You! This is very helpful—I tend to always meter off the shadows and always end up with really over exposed images. I will try going for middle grey!

        • From Me To You

          or if you meter off the shadows just stop down one or two stops either on the shutter or aperture and you should be fine.

  • suzie

    Jamie these are gorgeous! I just got back from Paris and was taking pictures with my Pentax Spotmatic…I wish mine had turned out like this. Sigh.

    • From Me To You

      Oh that is exactly the camera I was using too!

  • Tamera

    These photos sooooooooooo make me want to be in Paris right now! Thanks for sharing your vision of it. Magnifique!

  • Paris in Four Months

    Love love love your take on Paris. Very inspiring photos with so much feeling in them. I love how you capture different moments!


  • Sam

    As usual, big fan of your work, you make me re-discover the city I live in ! Thank you :)

    • From Me To You

      Thanks, that means a lot.

  • barefoot duchess blog

    Please take me with you… and Jamie, girl you look so gorgeous in those stilettos/ pleated skirt/ trench outfit!

  • georgie

    aaaahhhh, your pictures are always so beautiful!! I love it! :) mmm, Paris! <3

  • Supal

    These are beautiful photos, Jamie! Wish I was there right about now, but instead sitting in class in very, very cold Scotland. Love the black and white and flowers, champagne and beautiful architecture. Well captured :)

    • From Me To You

      Happy to take you with me! 😀

  • Jan’s camera

    Jamie, I just love your travel photography. These images are so beautiful and inspiring.

  • Awakening-Voyager

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us all. Your Paris images are beautiful and capture the essence of the Parisian lifestyle. I enjoy escaping into your blog on a daily basis, it is my little pick me up.

    • From Me To You

      Thank you so much, it means a lot. I just discovered your instagram, LOVE!


    You make Paris look like those old postcards, amazing.

  • erin d

    You have truly captured what makes Paris so beguiling. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art. I love the story about riding around Paris on a bike in the middle of the night.

  • María

    I wish I could just live in Paris for the rest of my life. These are gorgeous.

    • From Me To You

      Me too.

  • nadine

    merci pour les très belles photos de votre beau voyage.

  • elicia

    These are such gorgeous photographs! And I love them even more knowing they were shot with film :)

  • Chelsea

    Beyond beautiful. If you printed a book with pictures like these, I would buy five of them.

  • Paris in Four Months

    As I said earlier, amazing photos :) I love every single one! I just have a quick question that I hope you could help me with! When you shoot with film, which kind of camera do you use?

    Thanks in advance!

    • From Me To You

      I have all different types of film cameras, for this series I used a 35mm Pentax honeywell spotmatic, the camera I first learned photography on. Similar to any 35mm manual film camera, you can get Pentax K1000s very inexpensively. Just have to make sure the shutter works and there is a battery. :)

      • Paris in Four Months

        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, I really appreciate it :) And thanks for the tips! I’ll certainly look into it because these photos are just wonderful.

        Hope you’re all ok and safe after Sandy too!

  • andrea nicole

    absolutely adore the timeless quality of these photos. it’s all just so dreamy. thank you for sharing.

  • Queenie

    Stunning photos! Love Paris in B&W

  • le banc moussu

    Paris or new york, yours pics are so nostalgic!


  • Alicia

    Thank you so much for posting! I always go to Paris in the fall and I’ve been missing it this year.

  • Dayne Dantas

    Sou brasileira, fotógrafa e louca pelo blog, pelas fotos daqui.

  • jack

    after look at your photos, give me a lot idea when and where to take photos, im a student of photography in uk.

  • The Coffee Stain

    Gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing!