Paris in the Fall

 Earlier this fall we arrived in Paris to speak about Cinemagraphs at FLOW, shoot for MTV House of Style, and attend Carine Roitfeld’s Le Bal, but before all the events and shoots we took a few days in Paris to live quietly, eat simply, and walk the streets with no purpose but to see through the eyes of a Parisian.

I think of these images as postcards brought back to be shared

From Me To You…

Kissing in Paris is a must, the sparkling Eiffel Tower always steals my heart, the first time I went to Paris it was just as magical, Paris & Polaroids just go hand in hand, I wish we had their cafe culture, and in my memories it looks something like this….

I love dressing in Paris, I feel more like myself here than in any other city of the world. Classic, simple, chic… weekday outfits & weekend outfits & friendship was well documented.

I also have the great pleasure of being a Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemaker so many of my Paris fashion moments, like above, were made more glamorous with amazing Choos.

My wonderful hat designer friend Satya Twena was living in Paris this past summer and let us borrow her Vélib cards, Paris’s public bike system, which easily became our favorite way to move around the city. My favorite memory was the night of Kevin’s birthday we left Le Bal at 2am, hopped on bikes and found a cafe open where we sat outside sipping champagne and having a late night meal before riding home on an empty Paris night.


On one of those unplanned nights that turns into an adventure we found ourselves at an old small club where the drinks were strong and the music was haunting.


Bonjour Paris!