On the right bank, tucked away in a building constructed in 1875 was our perfect Parisian home away from home. We wanted to rent an apartment in order to really dive into the lifestyle of living in Paris. I loved our early morning walks in this quiet neighborhood watching the locals begin their day and we fell madly in love with this place. It was a beautiful flat to call home with its claw foot bath tub, oil paintings, fireplaces and french doors.

PS- want to stay here too? Here you go.


Above outfit credits: image 1- gown by Ralph Lauren (first worn here), jacket by Rugby RL (remember last year’s Tweed Run?!), white button up by Calvin Klein, scarf by Mulberry, green tasseled heels by Tommy Hilfiger. image 2- gown by Zac Posen, more of THAT story here

11 thoughts on “Pied-à-terre

  1. So wonderful. I always enjoy your photography so much but going through your Parisian flat (and postcard-like black and white photos too) made me miss places I’ve never been. You’ve made a lovely couple! xx

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