Paris is for Lovers

Photographed in Paris, France September 2012

Maybe it’s the way the streets glow at night or how the Seine sparkles in the day but I love being in love in Paris. Hand in hand, glasses of wine, long walks and lots of amour…

A very personal photo-story of our love in Paris~


Thank you, Kevin.

outfit credits: Beaded gown Z Spoke Zac Posen, long velvet skirt by Family Affairs, silk shirt dress by Rae Francis, leopard slippers by Jimmy Choo, trench from Zara, Black crop pant by Kenneth Cole, black buckle flats by Jimmy Choo.

Thank you Kelly for helping me take these photos. 

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  • This is beautiful. Really, beautiful. Thank you for sharing your love.

  • Oh, I love every single photo. So much emotion and so much feeling. So much love. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing Jamie.


  • awesome!! love them, you look so good together =)

  • CiaoChessa

    I think the incomparable Ella said it best (probably one of my favorite songs of all time):

    Every time I look down on this timeless town
    Whether blue or gray be her skies
    Whether loud be her cheers or whether soft be her tears
    More and more do I realize that
    I love Paris in the spring time
    I love Paris in the fall
    I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles
    I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles
    I love Paris every moment
    Every moment of the year
    I love Paris
    Why, oh, why do I love Paris?
    Because my love is here

    beautiful and evocative images, as always. I’m obsessed with the composition, the story board and that grain…

    • One of my favorite songs as well. It is just the whole wonderful idea of love in Paris.

  • Jamie, yet again another collection of beautiful images. Like CiaChessa I am in love with the magic of your story boards and how personable they are. You are wonderful and inspire me to live a grander life.

  • Camilla Leila

    Beautiful. Timeless. Full of love.

    Now I’ve got to get to Paris with my own handsome husband.

    (also, that top picture? seeeexxxay.)

  • Mark of The Beast

    The apartment is lovely. The scenery is lovely. You always have beautiful, shiny tressess and perfect red lips. However, most of the photo shoots of you look painfully affected and staged to the most miniscule detail. For example, the photo of you with the green heels…with your head tossed back…it looks like such a contrived shot. It’s like all the muscles in your head and neck are clenched in an unnatural and overly stylized manner.
    I would like to see more natural shots and that capture the moment, rather than try so hard to frame or hold a pose.

  • i “amour” narcissists

    who is taking photos of you guys kissing in the tub? weird.

    • Mark of The Beast

      You took the words out of my mouth…who poses in the bathtub, it’s a private moment…nobody needs to catch a glimpse of your meat curtain—–Mark of the Beast 2.0

  • anbetisa

    Really wonderfulllllllll che bello è lamore!!! veramente stupendi questi foti complimenti!!!

  • fanumanu

    thank you for sharing your life it is inspiring and full of creativity and love
    i open my days with coffee and FMTY :-)
    thank you Jamie&Kevin

  • sreebindu

    i love the capture of every perfect emotion jamie :))

  • shavonda

    I cant even begin with these….absolutely amazing.

  • zsu zsu starr

    these photos are breathtaking…you two are such a beautiful couple…

    oh and your clothes…i want them all! you always look amazing!

  • This is the sweetest thing! I am in love with the umbrella photo and your mischievous gaze in the last one; you two definitely make a lovely scene to look at. You keep being one of my biggest inspirations ever. xx

  • Jan’s camera

    Very romantic. Love the black and white.

  • Oh man – these are some of my favorites! I love love love the last one – it’s just so y’all. Miss you kids.

  • Celeste

    Oh my, I think my heart has stopped. I stumbled upon these today thanks to The New Diplomat’s Wife. I’m planning a trip to Paris this fall, and these images explain are making me crazy. May I borrow your complete wardrobe for my trip? 😉 Just kidding, but you look absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.