Palace of Versailles

Never in my life have I seen more opulence or grandeur than through the halls of Versailles. Every single detail was dripping in gold, crystals or paintings. It is beyond my imagination how they built such a city behind marble walls and I couldn’t help but think about all the secrets (scandals) that happened in tucked away corners where the banks of bright day light could not reach…

So many lovely people tweeted and left instagram comments telling me to visit the gardens, I wanted to experience doing that but then THIS happened…


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  • Alisha Kumar

    i love versailles- you captured it’s beauty so magnificently!

  • becky

    These are beautiful. Thanks for taking me there.

  • Absolutely gorgeous photographs!


  • These are just stunning captures, Jamie! I am actually planning a trip to Paris in the spring when I have my spring break here at St. Andrews. I’m putting a list of everything I want to do and thank GOODNESS you were just there a few times :)

    • Tell me if you get to see the gardens!! Have such an amazing time.

  • Eva Wu

    fantastic. i was there, but i never saw it in your way. love your pics!

  • Simply stunning images, thank you for posting.

  • Lovely lovely lovely. Versailles is one place I try to go every time I’m in France and this is a nice reminder of everything I love. The gardens are a must; I guess you’ll just HAVE to go back. There’s nothing like a picnic with the Parisians and the boaters.

    • Oh it makes my heart hurt I missed it! I must go back!

  • thecitygourmand

    All in such exquisite detail. I so wish I could’ve gone there on my last trip!

  • maite
  • nnenna1881

    i love….been there but never went inside the main building just the gardens and Marie Antoinette’s house and your pictures make me want to go back…

    • I really want to go to Marie Antoinette’s house, how was it?

  • Cony

    Such beautiful pictures!! You really have a talent there!! And oh beautiful Versailles! I never been there, but my sister has and I’m waiting for the moment to go, because I’ve been in other palaces and the way you feel when you walk in, like if you were a Jane Austen’s character! It’s priceless!!!

  • jack

    wow, the pictures you took is amazing and stunning, you make me wanna go to visit this place. looking forward to see more pics! 😀

  • Jadore!

  • Jin Lee

    These are so beautiful! Your pictures make me feel as if I’m actually in Paris! Quick question – what camera and lens do you use? Do you edit them on photoshop as well?