I love New York. We all do. After Sandy hit I went for a walk to see the bruises it left on our city. It is not in my nature to photograph things in pain — this post is not about that. In our life here I always carry a simple film camera around with me as a way to capture the beauty of our city in small fleeting moments as I run to meetings or kill time on photo shoots. These are images from the past few months the way she was… the way she will be again.

24 thoughts on “NEW YORK.

  1. this is beautiful! We weren’t hit too hard here on the UES, just lost power for about 20 hours but thankful that was our only hardship. Thinking about everyone else who lost a lot more. These images will become our NYC again soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us and for giving us something hopeful and lovely to look at during these very difficult days. These images are timeless and so evocative.

  3. Jamie, thank you for this wonderful photographic tribute. Black and white photos often seem to tell a more sympathetic story somehow. I have never been to New York, but close family members know it well and have made me want to see it. While I really feel for all the athletes who have put so much into their training, I think the decision to cancel the New York Marathon is appropriate. It just didn’t seem quite right to divert all those resources when the focus should really be on helping New York rise again.

  4. I love this blog post,I love this love letter to New York. The hurricane was a little bit surreal. I would have hoped to see a little more of New York’s diversity. There are so many other neighborhoods that are badly off,who deserved to get a little head nod. So many other neighborhood that makes New York-new York .

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