Norway Bound

A few weeks ago Kevin & I traveled to picturesque Norway to learn about the birth place of Restorsea (more about that later) and experience the very clean, organic, and natural way of life in Scandinavia. In our journey to both Oslo & Bergen we found ourselves in perfect sunsets, complete downpours, the most beautiful white snow, and fog so dense you felt like you could reach out and touch it.

Here is a scrapbook of our journey, a few days in Norway…

Fun Norway Info~

Fantastic restaurants: Pascal Café de la Paix, Maaemo, Cornelius (MY FAVORITE!), & Alex Sushi

I met this photographer who has an amazing instagram!

… and THIS Bergen hotel was so charming!


Beauty Talk:

The whole purpose of the journey was to learn about Restorsea. When I was first introduced to the product a couple months ago I was instantly drawn to the fact that it is naturally derived and free from chemical peptides (PEGs, parabens, phthalates, silicone, mineral oil). I have incredibly sensitive skin and I’ve been searching for a natural product to fall in love with. Enter Restorsea.

We paid a visit to the hatchery where the magical enzyme is derived – it’s released during the baby salmon hatching process. When the little babies are hatched, the protein rich water is collected and stored away in the caves of Norway until it is mixed into Restorsea. The baby salmon are none the wiser of this process and as you see below, grow & grow until they are taken to sea and later the market for us to eat.

My favorite story about the birth of Restorsea is how the women’s hands who agitate the protein rich water for the baby salmon looked decades younger than their faces! Hatching season isn’t until Jan & Feb so we didn’t get to see the exact process or the famous hands but we were able to experience how the salmon are raised with the best diet, conditions, and treatment possible.

The following images are from the hatchery where Restorsea’s enzyme is harvested…have you ever seen such a scenic place?And I thought I had a good view out the studio window!

The Instagrams!