Norway Bound

Norway, November 2012

A few weeks ago Kevin & I traveled to picturesque Norway to learn about the birth place of Restorsea (more about that later) and experience the very clean, organic, and natural way of life in Scandinavia. In our journey to both Oslo & Bergen we found ourselves in perfect sunsets, complete downpours, the most beautiful white snow, and fog so dense you felt like you could reach out and touch it.

Here is a scrapbook of our journey, a few days in Norway…

Fun Norway Info~

Fantastic restaurants: Pascal Café de la Paix, Maaemo, Cornelius (MY FAVORITE!), & Alex Sushi

I met this photographer who has an amazing instagram!

… and THIS Bergen hotel was so charming!


Beauty Talk:

The whole purpose of the journey was to learn about Restorsea. When I was first introduced to the product a couple months ago I was instantly drawn to the fact that it is naturally derived and free from chemical peptides (PEGs, parabens, phthalates, silicone, mineral oil). I have incredibly sensitive skin and I’ve been searching for a natural product to fall in love with. Enter Restorsea.

We paid a visit to the hatchery where the magical enzyme is derived – it’s released during the baby salmon hatching process. When the little babies are hatched, the protein rich water is collected and stored away in the caves of Norway until it is mixed into Restorsea. The baby salmon are none the wiser of this process and as you see below, grow & grow until they are taken to sea and later the market for us to eat.

My favorite story about the birth of Restorsea is how the women’s hands who agitate the protein rich water for the baby salmon looked decades younger than their faces! Hatching season isn’t until Jan & Feb so we didn’t get to see the exact process or the famous hands but we were able to experience how the salmon are raised with the best diet, conditions, and treatment possible.

The following images are from the hatchery where Restorsea’s enzyme is harvested…have you ever seen such a scenic place?And I thought I had a good view out the studio window!

The Instagrams! 

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  • Beautiful! I’ve wanted to visit Norway for sometime now…and these photos just make me want to take that trip very very soon. Thank you for posting them.

  • Justine

    Love your pictures from Norway! Bergen is amazing. I visited last December and made my way up to Tromso for the Northern Lights. Simply spectacular. Also love that your photos capture the serenity so vividly. Thanks for this lovely post Jamie.

    • So jealous you saw the Northern Lights! That’s on my list of things to see one day, how was it?

  • Arzoo Amer

    After reading the story, I’m so intrigued to try Restorsea! The photos from your trip are spectacular!

    • Tomorrow I’m doing a giveaway of Restorsea! You must try it!

  • Naomi

    That is a superb airplane shot! Norway sounds – and looks – so brilliant. It certainly is beautifully scenic, and your photos capture this essense so well. My favorite photos are of the falling snow because it just draws me in. I would love to visit this place someday. Restorsea sounds like a promising product. I like how extensive and natural the whole process is, and I’m totally interested in trying it out sometime. Anyway, thanks for sharing your trip!

    • Tomorrow I’m doing a giveaway of Restorsea! I want everyone to try it! Thanks for your nice comment, it’s amazing to be able to share these photos with people like you :)

  • una

    I can’t bealive my favorite photographer was in town, and I did not know:(

    • Aww, so nice of you, wish I had know you where there too!

  • when we wander

    I would love to travel to Norway–your pictures are gorgeous! It’s amazing how a few moments of being caught up in incredible weather, no matter the kind, can bring you back down to earth. That and I guess being across the world in Norway might help!

    • I always find that the best photographs are taken in weathering conditions. I think Bill Cunningham talked about that in his documentary about shooting street style, something about how shooting in the rains distracts people from the camera and he can capture genuine moments. :)

  • camillaleila

    oh my word. i need to get there immediately. these photos are amazing. they capture the darkness of this northern country, but it’s kind of a peaceful darkness, it seems. I particularly love the shot of the multicolored homes along the waterfront. absolutely stunning. you never cease to amaze me.

    • Aren’t they picturesque?! One day I want to go back to the Northern Lights!!

  • Melanie

    Absolutely beautiful, Jamie.. and Kevin! I really enjoyed these snapshots of a place I’ve never really thought about before. Thank you :)

    • Norway was a surprise to me too, I wish I had so much more time to capture the beautiful landscape!

  • You make want to book a flight and hotel to see Norway! I’m always left speechless by your beautiful point of view!

  • Lauren

    These photos are so beautiful. If you dont mind me asking, what type of camera do you travel with? Thank you!

  • Pamela RG

    Such gorgeous pictures. Norway looks so enchanting,

  • Kathleen

    This is just beautiful. I would love to go, but I heard Norway can be very expensive. Even compared to NYC prices! Did you find that?

  • Absolutely gorgeous photos Jamie :) Love that you visited Scandinavia (I’m originally from Sweden) so it’s nice to see Norway through your lens.

  • Your photos are so wonderful!! You got such a beautiful kind of view!

  • Marianne

    I love love love the shots ♥ You captured some really beautiful moments while here in Norway :)
    Hope you enjoyed your visit sweetie ♥

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    jamie, you have outdone yourself with these photographs. so much beauty!
    norway has now moved up to the top of my must-visit list.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Punctuation Mark

    Such beautiful images!

  • Julie

    Being a norwegian myself, I have to say that you have truly captured the perfect moments this time of year. Yes, it´s dark, but there is still lights everywhere. This is my favourite time of the year here in Norway, drowning in scarf, the calmness of the snow, foggy breath and the warmth that meets you when you go into a café. Beautiful shots, loved every single one. Wish I knew you were here! You should come to Trondheim next time, I´m sure you would love it :)

  • Guest

    Now i want to visit

  • Reese

    I love Scandinavia and these area beautiful images of Norway. I hope to go there someday. Thanks for sharing them and your wonderful talent!

  • Dying to visit someday!