A Beautiful Giveaway

Yesterday we went on a journey to beautiful Norway to learn about Restorsea‘s roots of nautral beauty and today I’m bringing some back to share with you! It’s so good I’ve even stopped wearing foundation my skin is so hydrated, even toned and glow-y!

I asked my new friends at Restorsea if I could do a giveaway of the Restorsea Day Cream ($150 value) and Eye Cream ($85 value)  together because it just isn’t fair for me to only tell you all about it, you must try it!

To enter: Super simple, tweet to @Restorsea or leave a comment on their facebook wall!

Example tweet: I’d love to try the magic of @Restorsea too! 

Restorsea is a new beauty product born out of nature. From the salmon hatchery in Norway, a special enzyme released during the birth of baby salmon makes up the magic ingredient in this product. From this you achieve intense hydration, improvement in elasticity, radiance and smoothness. The entirety of the product is comprised of ingredients found in nature.

I heart it.

The giveaway is now closed…someone’s about to get glowy!

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  • Just tweeted! Thanks for sharing this giveaway. I have such sensitive skin and crazy dark circles that I would love to try this! Hope your Tuesday is happy! :)

  • sounds like a magical facial product. Having to learn to take care of my skin in this cold environment of NY means that I’m up to try just about anything to keep it tight and soft and hydrated!

  • msenesac

    Just tweeted it! It would be great to hydrate my skin with the weather getting so cold and dry!

  • Naomi

    Thank you for this opportunity! [: Just wrote on their FB wall~ I’d be so excited to try Restorsea after hearing your compliments on it. Hopefully it will help with my skin tone and under-eye circles!

  • Rae912

    Wow, that sounds like a great product! My skin could definitely use some help.

  • Sara cangueiro