Young Love

I‘ll never forget the first date, being picked up in a car, wind in my hair and the sun setting on the horizon ahead. Everything was new and the possibilities were endless. From the first automobile still to this day, there is nothing like hitting the open road. In this pre-war era we started these memories and that history of freedom we love so much…

The 1941 Lincoln Continental was referred to by many, including Frank Lloyd Wright, as “the most beautiful car in the world” — Pablo Picasso also owned one


It is with great honor Lincoln asked us to capture the romance of time through a series of Cinemagraphs with their classic cars so that we may all keep the memory of love going at any speed.


1941 Lincoln Continental / Styling: Kelly Framel / Creative Direction:  Maury Postal / Makeup: Porsche Cooper / Hair: Francis Anthony Rodriguez / Maggie wears: vintage cloche, scarf, and dress from Early Halloween, Hue stockings, Ivanka Trump shoes / Josh wears: vintage suit and tie from Early Halloween, vintage Tiffany watch, Rogue shoes

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  • As always, love your work! And the cinemagraph and the last shot below…ah…

  • Isa

    Such beautiful photos, they could almost be from the past but the quality is too good!

  • camillaleila

    What a cool concept for a shoot. This makes me love Lincoln a lot more.

  • Arzoo Amer

    I love how you captured the era and the vintage feel of the ’20’s so perfectly. And what a beautiful Cinemegraph!

  • Naomi

    Gorgeous cinemagraph! I like the concept; you’ve captured this era (and showed off the nice car) really well. That last photo is especially lovely.

  • Lovely!!!!

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    such beautiful and dreamy photos.
    you always capture the emotion perfectly jamie.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Ekaterina Pynzar

    This is amazing! Brilliant!