Riding in Cars with Boys

When I think of the 1950s, I think of Marilyn Monroe, black & white movies, jazz, and drive-in theaters. I like to imagine cuddling up to my love on the big bench seats after the sun has set and being alone aside from the glowing headlights of night… It was a new age for America & the automobile was here to stay.

The 1953 Lincoln Capri was like a Dave Brubeck album—smooth and sophisticated, it was the perfect canvas for the budding starlets of the era. Marilyn Monroe owned one! 

It is with great honor Lincoln asked us to capture the romance of time through a series of Cinemagraphs with their classic cars so that we may all keep the memory of love going at any speed.


1953 Lincoln Capri / Styling: Kelly Framel / Creative Direction:  Maury Postal / Makeup: Porsche Cooper / Hair: Francis Anthony Rodriguez / Maggie wears: vintage beret, Zara sweater, vintage skirt from Early HalloweenKORS Michael Kors loafers / Josh wears: vintage glasses and sweater, Zara pants and shoes

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  • Love, love, love!!!

  • Looooove this!!

  • Melanie

    LOVE it :)

  • So classic, so wonderful!

  • So brilliant

  • Naomi

    Neat set of black and white photos! I love that last Cinemagraph – it’s clever and super fun.

  • Christine

    Best cinemagraph EVER!

  • That is freakin’ awesome; best cinemagraphs, yet!

  • mariskaadriani

    I always adore your cinemagraphs. It feels like there’s a soul behind every picture. May I know how you make the picture so clear but still have small file size? I tried to make one but ends with either too big file size or very lowres picture. Thanks! 😀

  • Alice

    The last one <3

  • StyleGodis

    I love this post so much! The last gif. Hilarious. Lovely photos and outfits!