On Making Work

I’m always happiest when I’m on set. Collaborating with creative people, spending weeks prepping, sharing the vision with the models and watching the hairstylist and makeup artist transform them all while the stylist creates magical looks for that quiet moment on set is where the dream becomes realized in front of the camera. For me, capturing that moment is the greatest high in life.

By now you know Kevin, Kelly & I collaborate on many creative projects with the Lincoln heritage Cinemagraphs being the most recent. Weeks before a shoot we start the brainstorming sessions where we flesh out the vision and we all get on the same page. What is the story we want to tell? How do we want people to feel when looking at it? What do we want it to look like in the end? We build our team and get to work model casting, renting props, equipment, location scouting, testing, and fittings.

I’ve always shied away from having behind the scenes photos taken of our process but now I want these candid moments to remember this time in our career. They’re a visual diary of our life’s work. Our studio assistant snapped some stills throughout the day of the cars, the props, prepping for shots and watching for that one moment to live forever.

For Lincoln we decided to shoot it upstate in Hudson, New York. Our friend Holly has an amazing family estate they let us use as a staging area for the models, hair & makeup, cars, equipment and props.

Kelly brought many old suitcases from her personal collection and we also rented extra options for the back seat of the pre-war shot. My favorite prop rental places (so far) in the city are Lost & Found Props and Eclectic Props.

The crew sets up the first shot. We had generators, modeling fans, smoke machine, scrims and reflectors ready for when the models walk on set.

Kelly found this amazing fringe from the 60s that our model Sierra brought to life spinning in circles while the crew finished prepping for the shot.

Late into the night we played beat jazz to capture the feeling of the generation and get our models to really move to the music!