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In the Studio With

Shot on September 4, 2012 at Robert Lee Morris’s Studio on black and white Tri-x 400 film and 35mm Pentax Camera

A moment of crazy fun turned into a dramatic coronation.”

On a rainy day in Manhattan, I walked into the studio of Robert Lee Morris and all of a sudden, like a scene from a musical, we were pulling out drawers and drawers of jewelry!  accessories! belts! crowns! cuffs!… a whole lifetime of creating extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces for the world’s top designers. “This walked down Calvin Klein’s runway and oh yes! This walked down Donna Karan’s!”

All around the studio were artifacts from travels, books for inspiration, sculptures and studies on the human form, work benches, sketch boards, mood boards, old ad campaigns and editorals framed and leaning on one another – layered through time and history. Taylor, Kelly & I were like giddy little girls finding treasures while Robert told all the wonderful fairytales that accompany each of his masterful pieces.

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  • justine

    my favourite thing about this is the crown!

  • These are such beautiful photographs, Jamie! I love the crown!

  • Intense!

  • Emily Fleck

    Jaime, I love that you shot these on your Pentax…they came out beautifully. My first “real” camera was a Pentax SLR and I think it takes the most incredible shots.

    He has a great smile. That last shot is my favorite.

  • Anna

    It must be wonderful to meet a man with an imagination and grandur as remarkable as his.