Donna Karan

As one half of a creative couple, I know how much you can be influenced by your partner.

Donna Karan‘s newest collection was displayed alongside sculptures made by her late husband, Stephan Weiss. Visually, it was easy to make connections between the two as they shared a toned-down palette of blacks, browns, grays, and whites, as well as a love of fluid, feminine curves.

It’s beautiful to see how fashion can be affected and influenced by art, and how Donna is still influenced by the love she had for Stephan.



 My Donna Karan love affair 

14 thoughts on “Donna Karan

  1. The connection between the clothing collection and the sculptures is divine. I love how the designs are so elegant and regal, and how they compliment the artwork so well. I guess, in the end, they all are works of art. My favorite dress is the 3D-esque one with the contoured black and grey squares. So lovely, and the model is such a pretty lady as well. I also like the all-black outfit she donned.

  2. Thanks DK for making beautiful designs that mature can look great in. I am at the age that arms need to be covered but I still like to look like a diva.

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