The Grand Hotel

What is it like to step into a dream? To walk through doors where the historic Medici family lived and great works of art hung? To stay in a hotel that feels more like a home than your real home? The St. Regis Florence so graciously showed me all of these things as part of their #grandtourista tour. When you walk through the halls, the perfume of Firenze wraps around you and the balcony doors overlooking this magnificent city glide open filling your heart with romance and your soul with visual beauty. For a few lovely nights I lived in a dream, one of true elegance aided by the best personal service I have ever experienced. I’m sure you will believe me when I say my eyes watered with overwhelming beauty and love for the St. Regis, my dream home away from home….

Won’t you look inside with me?



The Spectacular St. Regis Hotel in Florence, Italy

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  • All too beautiful! Now, I’m dreaming of Florence…

    • *sighs* me too.

      • sivan

        Love your photos. Which camera were you using in that picture of yours? Was that the camera you were using to take these beautiful pictures?

  • WOW.

  • VA VA VA VOOM! How delectable Jamie! You’ve truly translated the romance and warmth of Florence through your photos…..I’ve never been, but it’s just as I imagined. I love the image of the sun rising, where it’s just breaking dawn..and the one of the maid. The one of Kevin awakening has the light and composition of the great Renaissance portraits!

  • I can’t even describe how much I love your photography. You’re truly my biggest inspiration! These are just amazing. So lovely :) And you look absolutely stunning! So timeless and classic.

    All my best,

  • Arzoo Amer

    Wow! From the canopy bed and chandeliers to the amazing views of the city of Florence from the balcony, it looks like the St. Regis was an amazing home for those days! It looks like it was an absolutely glamorous trip, and the photographs are absolutely magical!


    The photograph of Kevin in the softest light is the most beautiful you’ve ever captured!

    Beautiful collection of images of Florence, always a pleasure to peek in on your adventures Jamie.

    • He wasn’t going to let me publish that but I fought for it, I thought it was so delicate and intimate, only a window you can get when you are truly close to someone. The amazing light and room didn’t hurt either :)

  • mona lisa martinez

    beautiful interior

  • girlcalledmercy

    Incredible hotel and incredible pictures, as always. I can say which one’s my favorite. All of them have such beautiful colours and light. The atmosphere is so warm and classy, wow. You must have enjoyed your trip beyond saying!

    • The light in Florence was so inspiring, I’m glad it translated!

  • You two are quite the handsome couple. I don’t normally get jealous of other peoples lives, but that’s not the case for you two and your adventures!

    • Don’t worry, when I looked at the pictures I was jealous too. Hope you two are well my friend!

  • Fo

    Absolutely stunning and incredibly romantic. I will certainly be paying St. Regis Hotel a visit next time I’m in Florence.

  • Are you kidding me?!… gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. (First time reader) I love your blog, style and documentation. I look forward to reading more.

  • Chelsea

    So beautiful. I could look at these pictures over and over and over again… and probably will!

  • Caitlyn

    Stunning doesn’t being to cover it. So wonderful! Especially love the ones in the morning.

  • So incredibly beautiful!

  • Pamela RG

    OMG, I love the hotel, the interiors and would love to have those extra props too in my hotel bed…er…Room… The view reminded me of the movie, shot in Florence too, “The Room With A View.” I wish to stay there one day!

  • You made my day, these are beautiful photos! Going this summer to Florence, Love this hotel, on my list now.
    Best wishes

  • What a gorgeous hotel, and stunningly beautiful photography!

    Best wishes,
    Noortje | Mintstudio Creations

  • Sexy pictures 😀
    Rainy Florence, i’m sure i’ll like it too.

  • Nuraan Kariem

    That is gorgeous! so inspiring. Now I need to go to Florence :)

  • OH MY GOODNESS. my mouth is literally agape right now. these photos are too gorgeous for words. so romantic and so inspiring.


    Lovely photos! Speaking as someone who both lives in Florence and knows the St. Regis, I must say you did a wonderful job capturing the mood and feel of the city! Just one question: could you please provide some further information on the earrings you are wearing in the last two photos?

    • The earrings were a gift from Oscar de la Renta!

  • So beautiful. I have been dreaming of visiting Florence for so long.. You’re photos were just stunning. Thank you.

  • Melissa Jemmett

    Gorgeous photographs – very inspirational. You always make me want to keep learning how to use my cameras. Must say, when I stayed in Florence I camped and got eaten by humungous mosquitoes. Not exactly glamorous haha – perhaps next time!

  • zumefashion

    Stunning shots! Looks like the perfect honeymoon hotel to go to