The smells of Florence

When you walk into the Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, a beautiful scent wafts in the air, one that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years… Everything made here is an all natural, hand-crafted work of olfactory art, instructed by aged artisanal recipes.

For myself, I chose Tabacco Toscano, a light tobacco-scented perfume with touches of vanilla and amber. It’s the most popular scent among Florentines, and you know… when in Florence, smells as the Florentines do!


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10 thoughts on “The smells of Florence

  1. Another wonderful posting! I didn’t go to Santa Maria Novella, such a pity now that I see your photos. However, I bought the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G narcissus perfume from one erbosteria, which were so common there.I’m so picky with perfumes and now that I brought it home I wear it and I return immediately feeling wonderful.

    1. PS. Didn’t you have any trouble (by the people, I mean) shooting in interiors? Were they ok with it? I was shy and didn’t try at all.Too bad because it’s a paradise for those who love photography!

  2. My mom’s really fond of Santa Maria Novella’s perfume, I must say they’re great. I’ve never been in the actualy shop in Firenze but wow, it looks so stunning an Renaissance! Again, beautiful pictures that really reflect the atmosphere I felt when I was in Toscana.

  3. Gorgeous photos- they really evoke the atmosphere. Those perfume bottles would be a prize themselves, let alone with a wonderful fragrance inside them!

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