The Finest Silk

Silk has been in Italy for nearly one thousand years, but only one silk house has lasted through the ages.

Antico Setificio Fiorentino is the oldest silk-weaving workshop in Florence, in operation since 1786 with roots back to the Medici in the fifteenth century. There’s such amazing history in the shop… they still use the same 18th century looms (designed by da Vinci!), weave traditional patterns in bottegas, and only use hand-dyed silks without any chemical treatments.

The final product is absolutely breathtaking – rich in color, luxurious in sheen, and a wondrous work of art. It’s no wonder at quality this high they can count the Russian tzar and the Royal Palace of Denmark among their prestigious roster of clients.



… and can we talk about how beautiful the grounds are?!!

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8 thoughts on “The Finest Silk

  1. When I saw your photo by the orange trees I immediately thought of the Medici family. They used to have orange groves in their Estate back in the Renaissance period. If you look at Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera painting you can see them in the background. That was one of the many works commissioned by the Medici family. I believe they also had a library… whm time to start researching some of the things I learned back in school….

    truly beautiful shots by the way 🙂

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