Model Casting

I love model casting days, to me it’s so inspiring because each girl is her own story – a sea of endless possibilities. Every photo shoot starts with a vision. For designer Misha Nonoo’s “Once Upon a Time“, we wanted to tell a story of a young banished princess, childlike and beautiful, nymph-like and wild. When you cast, you watch carefully, looking for that perfect muse who will bring your vision to life. And then when you see her, you know.

It’s just like falling in love…

I love shooting with my Fuji Instax at castings. I like experiencing the girls through the lens and seeing how they move in front of the camera. It’s also immensely helpful after we have seen everyone to sort through the Polaroids and pull 1st, 2nd, and 3rd options from how they were in-person, as we saw them, rather than just using their comp-cards which can sometimes make them unrecognizable.

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