Behind the Scenes

Shoot days are whirlwinds. Kevin thought it would be fun to shoot a time-lapse of Ann Street over a couple of days to show the flow of people, props, and equipment in and out of the studio. It’s kind of fun to observe: if you watch carefully you see my Inaugural Ball gown from Oscar de la Renta arrive, our BBC interview take place and a little dance party with our friend, stylist, and creative partner Kelly.

Also, how beautiful is our makeup artist Porsche Cooper? She shows up even at 5am call times in lashes and a lip, and in-between shots we talk about diamonds, yachts and champagne. She is, in one word, FABULOUS. She also gave everyone makeovers and cheekbones in our lunch break.

Hasselblad H4D-31 medium format digital camera with 80mm f/2.8 HC lens.

The camera captures 31 megapixel images on a medium format sensor which holds larger pixels, increasing the color resolution in gradated areas. Plus it makes the greatest shutter sound. The only downside I found shooting with it is the ISO noise; the image really fell apart over 400 ISO. I shot the story at 100 ISO because I wanted completely noise-free images.

Kelly‘s crowns. The three crowns in our story were handmade by Kelly Framel over the course of a couple of days prior to the shoot out of natural materials and then painted multiple times to give them an earthy effect.

The sets were a mix of layering de Gournay hand painted wall papers with canvases Kevin, Kelly & I painted one night at the studio. I love in the timelapse video when Kelly begins constructing the set and the wallpapers come up and then back down so seamlessly, we wish it were that easy!

The furniture for the most part was rented from Props for Today and Kelly picked up the flowers from the flower district early the morning of the shoot.

Pulling up the shots on the iPad to share with the model onset so she too could be a part of the creation and story telling process.

The designer Misha Nonoo overseeing the shots and testing out the crowns!

Gowns by Nonoo New York in collaboration with de Gournay as modeled by Cece Yost for Wilhelmina / Set Design & Styling by Kelly Framel / Hair by Bethany Brill / Makeup by Porsche Cooper for NARS  / Jewelry byJessie Lane

11 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. amazing time lapse!! how cool to see that whole whirlwind happen in a matter of minutes. i love seeing creative people working together, and those images that resulted are stunning!

  2. It’s incredible to see how the right people and right materials can create such magic… and it’s fun to be able to see the chaos behind the amazing photographs! Also love getting to see little touches that were on your instagram play into other places of work and play (like the Obama & Dog paintings!)…

  3. I really enjoy your behind-the-scenes posts. I’ve always been interested in the creative process of other artists and watching you guys in action is a real treat. The video is obviously amazing but the still images really tell the story behind the images that you shot and also how the team works together to make all that magic happen. The photographs you’ve shared from the shoot so far are just stunning. It might be my favorite editorial that you’ve shared so far.

  4. This is AWESOME! Love how you guys share the behind the scenes footage via video this time. I know it must be a tiresome day; however, you guys seem to be a GREAT team, so…I’m sure it makes fun. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your work with us.

  5. So much hard work!! Congratulations on the beautiful images that are the finished product. You wouldn’t happen to consider an Australian intern with a love for photography, hmm? 😉

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