When skies are gray, there is nothing better than escaping away to feel the sun against your skin and the damp ocean air wrap around you like a warm hug. We recently spent a couple of days at The Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas which is a perfect place to go if you’re looking to play. I will admit… floating around the resort in a couple’s inner-tube looking up at the blue sky before being blasted through slides and under shark tanks was quite fun. And obviously, I had a waterproof camera just in case.

If you can’t get away this winter, I hope at least these images will make you feel slightly warmer.


PS, the last beach I went to

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  • With all the crazy, amazing work you have been doing…. this seems like a much needed break, huh?

    • Oh gosh, tell me about it. But it was only for 2 nights! I want like 2 years, lol. :)

      • Are you joking?! 2 nights is such a tease! :)

  • Wow I love the last photo. The lighting, the colors… I’m so glad that I found back your blog since I lost track of it a long time ago!

  • I wouldn’t mind visiting that place..

  • i visited the atlantis a few years ago, it was fabulous and i would love to go back someday. thanks for the lovely photos!

  • k4rlakatherine

    i need holidays :)