Grace Sketches


“I always sketch at fashion shows. Drawings jog my memory more than any photograph… My system at the shows is to draw, sketch, put down everything – every single outfit – and worry later whether I liked it or not.”

– excerpted from Grace: A Memoir, by Grace Coddington

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  • Nice_things

    I love what you’ve done! It looka mazing the “photo” with Grace moving in it!

  • CiaoChessa

    You truly captured her essence. Seeing this one reminds me of one of my favorites from a past NYFW of Anna Wintour. Amazing.

    • From Me To You

      Me too!

  • Adhelia Putri Dewi Agung

    yaa this awesome, i like it (y) (y)

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    wow! this is absolutely amazing.

  • Hogger & Co.

    My favorite Cinemagraph, yet!

  • Sydney Ballesteros

    You captured such an amazing moment!


  • Julia Robbs

    I’m reading her memoir now, and that excerpt struck me. Truly beautiful how you captured that with your cinemagraph!

  • Stephanie

    my fave cinemagraph too, just finished the book. what a woman!

  • onehundredfiftyone

    The way Grace is able to capture everything with her sketches it almost seems like the whole world is still except for her. Great Cinemagraph!

  • LoveTheCool

    that completely freaked me out