Golden Dreams…

LoveGold invited us to spend a day with gold, the luxurious metal they plan to never let go out of style. Their mission is to seek out the world’s most beautiful gold jewellery, the designers creating it and the glamorous people wearing it. After having spent a day with so many gorgeous pieces, it’s hard to imagine ever letting go. For this girl, Gold is here to stay.

Below are just a few of the inspired designer’s work in gold that were on hand for our visit. 


Camilla Dietz Bergeron

I feel madly in love with this vintage Munnu ring so much that the guards had to pry it off my finger when it was time to go!

Ray Griffiths

Camilla Dietz Bergeron

The logic of gold seems to be perfectly complemented by its magic“…but the magic only comes when precious gold meets passion and skill. Upholding the tradition and art of goldsmithing is a devotion of LoveGold.

Lana Jewelry


House of Waris




House of Waris

Below: Ofira

In collaboration with Love Gold

Also check out their facebook & Instagram as they showcase the beautiful gold jewelry, designers, and people wearing this precious metal!

cover jewelry by Marco Bicego

9 thoughts on “Golden Dreams…

  1. You take great photos. But your blog is so impersonal now, and was better before it became one.giant.advertisement. If I wanted to see beautiful images that were just trying to sell me something, I’d read the Anthropologie catalog.

    1. I was actually excited to share information about the organization of LoveGold which is an amazing supporter of designers who create beautiful works out of the medium and their initiative is to bring awareness to their stories and inspiration. I hoped that this would inspire as I was inspired by what they are doing in the community. This is not trying to sell anything, it is really a story of passion.

      1. If you don’t want it to read as an advertisement, then write more about why YOU like it, and how it makes YOU feel. There are ways to make your blog have a personal touch, while still featuring sponsored posts. (Honestly, it’s bad enough that most of the DBA managed blogs feature so much crossover content.) You’re experiencing events half your readers could never dream of experiencing. But right now, it just seems like someone is feeding you facts and copy that you’re pairing up with your pretty photos.

        1. I am not a writer, I am a photographer. Nobody ever feeds me copy, I do the best I can with what I learn, see, know and feel. I would much prefer if I didn’t have to write anything at all! I’ll leave everything else up to the professional bloggers which I am not. This space is an outlet for passion and creativity and my desire to share as much as possible through my deep love of photography. Let the photographs speak the words and share the experience. That is the only true way I know how to see the world.

    2. Melissa i feel the same. I liked it better when it was more personal. I miss all that tags Dinner and a movie, self portraits and all of that. But i think her life changed so her blog must change too. It makes me think that she is now earning more money than before and through this page actually.

      But, i really love her work even if this is not a “blog” about her life anymore. You sound a little mean 🙁

  2. I’m not sure what is more beautiful… the images, the pieces, Love Gold’s enthusiasm for young and thriving designers! You all did such an amazing job! I loved “watching behind the scenes” through instagram! It also kind of reminds me of India and Dubai… lots of unique gold jewelry 🙂

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