Golden Dreams…

LoveGold invited us to spend a day with gold, the luxurious metal they plan to never let go out of style. Their mission is to seek out the world’s most beautiful gold jewellery, the designers creating it and the glamorous people wearing it. After having spent a day with so many gorgeous pieces, it’s hard to imagine ever letting go. For this girl, Gold is here to stay.

Below are just a few of the inspired designer’s work in gold that were on hand for our visit. 


Camilla Dietz Bergeron

I feel madly in love with this vintage Munnu ring so much that the guards had to pry it off my finger when it was time to go!

Ray Griffiths

Camilla Dietz Bergeron

The logic of gold seems to be perfectly complemented by its magic“…but the magic only comes when precious gold meets passion and skill. Upholding the tradition and art of goldsmithing is a devotion of LoveGold.

Lana Jewelry


House of Waris




House of Waris

Below: Ofira

In collaboration with Love Gold

Also check out their facebook & Instagram as they showcase the beautiful gold jewelry, designers, and people wearing this precious metal!

cover jewelry by Marco Bicego