At Home With…

We walked into Shiva‘s home in California’s Santa Monica and the first thing The Local Rose did was offer us a latte made with raw Amish milk and introduced us to her cat Fig as we inquired about her personal style of vintage dressing.  The air seemed to fill with warmth as she gave us a tour of her home where she lives with her two daughters, a roost of chickens, and bunnies. They actively grow their own produce, harvest eggs from their chickens, and make crafts out of what they find in nature. Shiva also posts her finds in terms of the best all-natural household products, medicines, and ways to de-stress.

I’m so inspired by her lifestyle – the true tranquility of walking through her garden and playing with the bunnies made me want to bring these elements home with me…but I don’t think my new landlord would be too keen if I set up a roost of chickens out back! Ah, someday the city mouse will scurry to the country. In the meantime, I’ll think of this…

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  • Rose Fern

    My kind of living…beautiful photos! Amazing house!

  • If I had to live in the country, THIS would be the only way to do it!! SUBLIME!

  • Camilla Leila

    This is the life I crave.

  • Chelsea

    Your talent and beauty never ceases to amaze me!

  • Such warm photos…

  • *Sigh*… someday. Someday…

  • Lovely, blogposts like these make me wanna buy a good camera!

  • Food Baskets Online

    pictures are really very beautiful. Nice photography, your talent amazed

  • Hire Professional Florist in B

    These pictures are so beautiful! I would love to live in this type
    of house. So country and quiet. By the way, that green vase with flowers caught
    my eye. Is that an antique piece?