A Parisian Hideaway

I know, a chateau can hardly be called a hideaway but that is how it felt staying at this 1892 mansion in the sixteenth arrondissement: the Saint James Paris. Tucked away behind old stone walls that seemed to hug you as you walked through the grand entrance, it was like a childhood dream to stay in a place so whimsical and Parisian. A porthole to the city, a Alice and Wonderland seeming staircase, a glowing aura of magical things to come. From the roaring fireplace when you walk through the doors to the resident cat who will paw at the window until you let him in, this place floats in my mind as a safe haven tucked away in a corner of Paris…


My long running affinity for Paris continues here… 

15 thoughts on “A Parisian Hideaway

  1. These pictures are beyond perfection. This château looks absolutely stunning and your pictures magnify it even more. Ah, I love your pictures of Paris! You know how to capture the essence of the city.

  2. Paris has been on my mind so much lately. My husband has never been and I long to take him there so he can experience the magic for himself. Saint James Paris is officially going on my list of places I absolutely must stay. Incredible photographs Jamie…

  3. There is so much glamour and color in these photos! Wow. The way you capture Paris is exactly how I see it when I’m there. I covet this experience that you had.

  4. My husband and I treated our daughters to 5 days in Paris two wks ago….so wish I had read your blog first. Loved our small boutique hotel in St. Germain but will def remember the photos of St. James Paris for our next visit. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos!

  5. Jamie you and Kevin are such inspirations, can l ask you who inspired your work the most. Your images are so beautiful one could live inside them and be very happy.

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