Bon Appetit!

Every time we go to Paris I take a list of newly recommended places to try mixing them in with simple brasserie meals. As it turns out, a few weeks ago at a dinner for Lincoln Motor Co., I sat next to a lovely Frenchman and took great pleasure in picking his brain on must-eat places! I was not disappointed (I mean how could you be!). Here are a few of the highlights mixed in with foodie snapshots from our weekend in Paris….

New to the list was BON with their chic and modern interior and AMAZING Asian food. We basically went down the left side of the menu in an array of small plates because I couldn’t be tied down to one dish. Crazy highly recommended.

With an incredible view, and I’m quite sure this is embarrassingly famous, I had the best burger of my life. It was almost like I never knew what a burger could be until Cafe Marly.

I love a secret entrance and living a modern day “Midnight in Paris” moment which I found at the Beef Club… or rather the unmarked black door next to the main restaurant which leads you down a spiral staircase to the best mixed cocktails in Paris.

12 thoughts on “Bon Appetit!

  1. I’m writing all of these down for my next trip. I’m shocked about the burger because honestly, I have a hard time finding a good burger in Europe (London, however, has got a few of the best burgers I’ve ever had). Also, a secret entrance to a cocktail bar that reminds you of midnight in Paris? Count me in.

  2. Oh Jamie, coming to Paris to eat Asian food and burger? there is so many delicious typical french dishes to savor in Paris like the beautiful cheese above 😉

    1. Emilia- there were plenty of typical French dishes consumed. Most of our favorite spots are traditional. But… I’ve had two of my all time favorite cheeseburgers in Paris so it’s hard to resist them now!

    2. We go to Paris many times and as I said in the text, we love taking recommendations from locals which was the case with the amazing food I mentioned. Though we have many traditional french meals every time we travel there- these were just a few of our new highlights to mix in with the old classics. Would love recommendations if you have any for our next trip for sure!

  3. the lighting is always so perfect in your photographs. i’m sure not every place you go to has such wonderful lighting, so how do you make your photographs look so nice and perfectly lit? i struggle with this problem a LOT as a newbie photographer…

  4. Dear Jamie,
    First of all, congratulations for your blog which is truly a delight to our eyes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and stories with us: I have been following your adventures for about 2 years, and I truly enjoy it.
    Allow me to react on the Burger: Café Marly is a lovely place but the service is regrettable, so most Parisian have deserted the place. One of the best burger can be tasted at the Castiglione, 235 rue Saint Honoré, in the 1st Arrondissement, not far from colette and the Tuileries.
    I hope you’ll come back soon and enjoy our city !

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