Weekend Getaway

Of course there is the romantic idea of Paris – long walks on pristine boulevards, glasses of wine with views of the Seine, and picking up antique treasures at street markets, but for us Paris is so much more. A orgasmic array of beautiful light, a history of our idolized artists, a period of slowing down and reflecting on our work. If New York is loud and proud and fast, then Paris is slow and quiet and introspective…we are newlyweds, we are two artists living and working together, creating ideas and sharing dreams while growing our vision and sometimes we like to enjoy a weekend away, to recharge our souls, a weekend in Paris.


My favorite coat ever by Obakki which is 100% humanitarian 


I’ve really been into not wearing makeup recently, it’s something I have been feeling for a long time and I haven’t really figured out why. Maybe it’s the honesty or the fact that we don’t NEED makeup to be pretty, pretty comes from within, pretty is how you feel. Recently we saw the film Renoir and I was so taken aback by the muse’s natural beauty I longed for women to look that way. I don’t want to be a slave to a beauty routine, I just want to enjoy and be happy with how I am. Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy a red lip after 5 o’clock (current red of choice) and sometimes you have to go all out, but this spring I’m going to let my skin breathe and enjoy just being me. 

The many stories of Paris