Weekend Getaway

Of course there is the romantic idea of Paris – long walks on pristine boulevards, glasses of wine with views of the Seine, and picking up antique treasures at street markets, but for us Paris is so much more. A orgasmic array of beautiful light, a history of our idolized artists, a period of slowing down and reflecting on our work. If New York is loud and proud and fast, then Paris is slow and quiet and introspective…we are newlyweds, we are two artists living and working together, creating ideas and sharing dreams while growing our vision and sometimes we like to enjoy a weekend away, to recharge our souls, a weekend in Paris.


My favorite coat ever by Obakki which is 100% humanitarian 


I’ve really been into not wearing makeup recently, it’s something I have been feeling for a long time and I haven’t really figured out why. Maybe it’s the honesty or the fact that we don’t NEED makeup to be pretty, pretty comes from within, pretty is how you feel. Recently we saw the film Renoir and I was so taken aback by the muse’s natural beauty I longed for women to look that way. I don’t want to be a slave to a beauty routine, I just want to enjoy and be happy with how I am. Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy a red lip after 5 o’clock (current red of choice) and sometimes you have to go all out, but this spring I’m going to let my skin breathe and enjoy just being me. 

The many stories of Paris

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  1. I’ve never left a comment but I couldn’t help but smile when I saw your photo of the “Photographies” plaque Galerie Vivienne — I shot that too when I was in Paris last year. Here’s a link if you’d like to see. Of course our photos are much different, which is what I love about photography. ( http://jenzahigian.tumblr.com/post/34773053616/a-stroll-thorugh-galerie-vivienne-paris-2012 ) or here (http://jenzahigian.com/5726/845196/portfolio/touristique)

    Also, I’m usually a no makeup kind of girl and think you look even more lovely without makeup! Loving your photographs, as always…

    1. Oh my goodness, it’s like we walked in each other’s shoes! I also *love* your photo “Piled High” what a magical image. Thanks for sharing your images, it was great to see the world through another perspective. Xx

  2. I love that you both are able to get away for a weekend and recharge together in a city as romantic and mesmerizing as Paris. The light in each of these photos is incredible and there is something about that natural Parisian light that is just magical… your photos of the clouds parting and the fourth from the bottom, prove exactly that! And I love the bit about going natural this spring… even though it’s fun to be girly and go all out every once in awhile, it’s important to remember the natural beauty that shines through always! You’re glowing in that photograph and such a beauty Jamie, you won’t even need the makeup!

  3. Gorgeous photography in such an amazing place. I will be visiting Paris this summer and will load up on the Portra and Ektar to capture my own lasting memories.

  4. I’m not an expert on marriage but this summer my husband and I will be together for 12 years and in October married for 9 years, and I can tell you that one of the secrets to a happy, healthy marriage/relationship is just what you’re talking about: taking the time to be alone and to live as newlyweds. When you add kids into the mix it’s even more important not to get lost in the madness of the every day and to remember to really live and enjoy fleeting moments – at that point it becomes even more important bc I think one of the best things parents can do for their children is to like AND love each other. Life is long and sometimes (often) stressful and a little (very) crazy so it’s important to take a time out, enjoy being together, do something spontaneous, and like you said “recharge your soul.” Love the photos and words, as always.

  5. That’s you with no makeup? Flawless. And I love that you call yourselves “newlyweds”…I feel like so many people get worked up about the wedding and then skip that happy time (which can of course be prolonged for as long as you feel like newlyweds 😉


  6. I wish I was brave enough to go sans makeup, but alas, my skin is still a huge frustration and insecurity for me. 🙁 Still, I like the idea, and you look beautiful.

    I agree with you about Paris being slow and introspective. My favorite part of it is the devotion the the many pleasures of life – rich food, unique fashion, sex – obviously, a good cup of coffee, decadent pastries, great wine, beautiful architecture, etc. I suppose that is the hedonist coming out in me a little bit, but we live in such a fast paced world (even in california) and sometimes it’s so nice to slow down and just let yourself ENJOY!

    Glad you guys got to! xo

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