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Rachel Roy’s

Smoke Bombs

In the heat of the day, our desert wanderer begins to hallucinate…the landscape becomes an unnatural dream, a smoky haze of psychedelic color on her search for her desert oasis.

We conceptualized this aspect of the story early on, and after Rachel approved it, we had to figure out just how to make it happen. How do you get the saturated colors of the Indian holiday Holi in a way that won’t leave marks on either the clothes or the landscape?

Kevin and I spent the greater part of our Christmas vacation out at my parent’s house in the Texas countryside cooking colored smoke bombs…which DID NOT turn out quite like the YouTube tutorial (see our ridiculous failed attempt here). After many failed attempts, we hit the highway and found a fireworks store. They provided the colored smoke bombs you see in the photos, which we had to order and ship to CA due to fireworks laws…and airport security *gulp*.

Just wait until you see behind the scenes for these tomorrow!  Smoke Bombs SmokeBombs SmokeBombs Smoke Bombs smoke bombs Smoke Bombs Smoke bombs

Rachel Roy Spring 2013 campaign starring Gabriella Lopez, styled by Kelly Framel, hair & makeup by Gloria Noto, shot in California’s Joshua Tree National Park, Cougar Buttes and the Salton Sea. 

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  • Rebecca Lippert

    This is awesome. I love these photos (and Rachel Roy)! What a creative idea. Love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing!

  • k4rlakatherine

    unbelieveable beautiful!

  • Aaaaah gorgeous!! The failed attempt video is quite funny, thanks for sharing the trials! These turned out wonderful, and exactly as you’d imagine HOLI to be!

  • girlyobsessions

    Wow! Stunning!!! I can’t wait to see the behind the scenes!

  • Isa

    I really like the smoke, especially in all the different colors! That’s what makes this amazing, I think.

  • Wow! Stunning!!! I can’t wait to see the behind the scenes!

  • failed attempts or not, the results are perfection – I love it, so magical
    and the green suit is amazing

    p.s. it is fast becoming my dream to be shot by you one day :)

  • These are absolutely incredible/gorgeous!! :) Love love the printed top and pants with the white blazer. :)
    xoxo Aimee


    Are there changes on the horizon? Yeah, of course.

  • Molly Masters-Selten

    oh my gosh, these photos are absolutely stunning.
    thank you for sharing!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • The photos are beautiful and the video is hilarious. My favorite, Kevin “yeah, that’s kinda gross….”

    • hahaahha! “it’s not very blue…..” lol

  • Just amazing photos, so gorgeous.