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The Night Heron

It was a typical day at Ann Street Studio, we were in the middle of a shoot when a friend walked in… she said nothing, just stood there dangling a pocket watch with a mischievous look on her face. Kevin took the watch in bewilderment as she slipped back out the door. We opened the watch to discover a set of instructions:

“You may only attend the Night Heron once. Entrance strictly by presentation of this token. No shoes with open toes or tall heels. Be prepared for stairs and ladders. Experience runs two hours. No restrooms.”

Night Heron


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Summertime’s Food & Beer Pairings

One of Kevin’s and my favorite treats is riding our bikes down to Madison Square Eats and having a culinary adventure in the Manhattan sunshine. I always look forward to great food and beer pairing this time of year… remember THIS epic beer dinner?!

All of which gets me very excited for SAVOR, the American craft beer and food experience June 14th & 15th in New York with so many of our favorite brews and yummy bites. I hope you can join us, we are going June 14th and I can’t wait to see what our friends at Dogfish have brewing up this time!

Food and Beer Pairing

Sixpoint Sweet Action & Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue Korean tacos


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Chopard’s Red Carpet Glamour

cara delevingne

When Cara Delevingne stepped onto the red carpet at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, she was instantly proclaimed best dressed in her lace Burberry gown, smoky eye and, framing her famous pucker, priceless Chopard diamonds like waterfalls off her ears and a garden around her neck. She was in that moment the modern day “pretty woman” in diamonds and lace.

Chopard has a long-running presence at the Cannes Film Festival: from the creation of the Palme d’Or awarded to the best director and Trophée Chopard awarded to emerging talents to dressing the world’s most beautiful women and talented actresses in their priceless red carpet collection of jewels unveiled each year at the festival.

We were privileged enough to get to see a few of the pieces up close, under the watchful eye of guards on that beautiful terrace up in the sky, before the pieces found their way onto that famous red carpet…

Chopard High Jewelry

Above: necklace worn by Sonam Kapoor

Cara Delevingne

“I very much wanted to pay tribute to the finest sentiments. The red carpet collection is sparkling with shimmering colors, including bright red accents like the fire of passion, as well as heart-shaped precious stones, one of my favourite cuts.”
– Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-President

Chopard High Jewelry Cara Delevingne

Above: diamond choker worn by Fan Bing Bing

Chopard High Jewelry

Above: diamond earrings worn by Caroline Scheufele

Cara Delevingne


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Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection

Before the glamour of the Cannes Film Festival, months before to be precise, Chopard is busy working away to bring Caroline Scheufele’s whimsical and glamorous designs to life with some of the world’s most precious stones and materials for what will constitute the Red Carpet Collection presented each year at the festival. When we were at the Chopard Terrace, I squealed with delight when Val, our friend at Chopard, brought out a black tray containing the flowering poppy necklace set with 9.2 carats of rubies on the petals and sprays of golden wheat waving out the bottom. I instantly remembered watching the craftsmen back in Geneva working on this months earlier, the proud way they demonstrated how the necklace bends and moves, and how they will eventually shape and polish it into that Chopard perfection. Here is the journey of one of the 66 Red Carpet pieces as it makes its way from Geneva to Cannes…

Chopard Jewelry

Chopard Jewelry Chopard Jewelry


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