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make cosmetics, we see beauty

I’ve been very inspired recently with old masters paintings: Vermeer, The Frick, and simplifying my beauty routine. When Chelsa & I discussed this we loved the idea of forgoing the dramatic eye and focusing only on a strong lip. No mascara!  How fresh it looks to me; now her eyes remind me of all those souls in the beautiful paintings I’ve been lost in recently…

Here’s a step by step tutorial using MAKE cosmetics to get the look!

make cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 1: Brush Alabaster all over the lid, but not quite to the eyebrow.

make cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 2: Using a small brush, take Khaki eyeshadow and brush it over the lash line.

make cosmetics, we see beauty

Make Cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 3: Gently sweep Marie Antoinette blush over the cheek, blending from furthest point out in towards the apple of the cheek.

make cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 4: Line lips with Rum Raisin. Color a little on the lips as well to keep lipstick from fading away.

Make cosmetics, we see beauty

make cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 5: Apply Jakarta lipstick.

Make cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 6: Re-line with Rum Raisin to ensure a clean line around the lips.

Make Cosmetics, we see beauty

Make Cosmetics, We See Beauty

Tip! Chelsa has beautiful glowing skin naturally (so jealous.) but I achieve her dewy look using a skin illuminator on my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose to get the same natural looking effect. If you have dry skin  you might want to try the Face Gloss which makes you glow and adds moisture.

Make Cosmetics, we see beauty

Modeled, styled and makeup by Chelsa Skees. Clothing by Isabel Lu. Shot at Ann Street Studio.

See yesterday’s “Berry Romantic” beauty tutorial & “Behind the Scenes” of our We See Beauty campaign shoot! 

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  • This look (especially in the cover photo!) reminds me so much of Vermeer’s, Girl with a Pearl Earring! Such a clean and beautiful look… can’t wait to try this out (and that Face Gloss)! And I love that you’re posting these DIY’s! Reminds me of your personal hair and make-up tutorials from way back when! :)

    • The good old days! lol, thanks doll. I also love how this look takes literally a few mins to do and is so striking! I’m glad you mentioned that about the cover photo, made my day.

  • Chic Trends

    What a beautiful pout. The model is gorgeous. Wears that yellow quite well.

    Best to you all!

  • Love this tutorial 😀

  • Anita Wu

    so effortlessly beautiful! gorgeous make up and photos :)

  • Jan’s camera

    Beautiful photos. I miss ‘From Me To You’ blog when you did more of these types of post.

    • Thanks Jan! I wish we could do these all the time too, thanks for the feedback.

  • Elaine

    You are so right – this reminds me so very much of the women painted by the Old Masters. The cover photo also made me think immediately of Girl with a Pearl Earring. I would love to see more art history inspired shoots. I was just recently reacquainting myself with Whistler and Singer Sargent, and I think you and your talented collaborators would do such an amazing job reinterpreting some of their portraits.