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CFDA Awards

For the past fifty years, the Council of Fashion Designers in America has held an awards show that has come to be called the “Fashion Oscars”. “This annual event is the one night we come together to celebrate our own,” said CFDA CEO Steven Kolb. And celebrate we do…

It’s a night of glamour, talent, and beauty but most of all it is a night of recognition – giving our applause and our thanks for the gorgeous creations made by fashion designers from established to up and coming.

There were many great moments in the night – listening to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joke around about her love of pantsuits, and then warmly describe Oscar de la Renta, winner of the night’s prestigious Founder’s Award, as a man whose “name evokes elegance and timeless beauty“. Catching my style icon, Carolina Herrera, being perfectly chic and lusting after her sensible evening shoes. Watching Vera Wang receive the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from her former mentor, Ralph Lauren, and seeing the beautiful friendship that exists between them… but don’t just take it from me, you can see all these moments and more on!

This industry is not an easy one, but it is certainly stunning. It’s wonderful to know that the hard working creatives behind these gowns I love to photograph so much and pieces we all admire are given accolades for their achievements in a glittering way only the fashion industry can do.




A photographic history of arrivals: CFDA 2012 / CFDA 2011

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  • jasmine

    chastain, kirke, gurung, garcia…man, they all look fantastic! great job, love your photography as always x

  • brunetteletters

    It took forever to download because of all the pictures but it was SO worth it!!

    Congrats on all you do…every single event you cover is amazing…

    So jealous of the great celebrity access you have!

  • candace

    fantastic. wonderful photos. i agree about Caroline’s shoes. Perfect.
    thank you for sharing.

    Jaime what did you wear to this?

    • Oh! I wore the best Donna Karan black cocktail dress but sadly I ran from one shoot to here and didn’t have time to get a pic of myself. It all happened so fast!

  • Great coverage!! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST, but I am sure you already know that =)

  • Jennifer Lavelle Photography

    These photos are amazing — I love all your work!

  • This is my fave one that you’ve covered thus far!!! Beautifulbeautiful!! I love that horse caftan/dress/jacket or whatever it was…wow! Everyone looked amazing, but only because you captured it so brilliantly!

  • Stunning. Just stunning. Again, I love your photography style with candids. It’s so intimate.

    I often miss out on getting a photograph of myself too. It’s more fun playing the photographer than the model.

    P.S. I actually saw someone wearing the same BCBG (off-the-rack) dress I own.

    Sound of Chic
    Classic style set to an indie soundtrack

  • These are so amazing, by far the best captured photos of the night! – your work is phenomenal!

  • Amazing photographs! What lense did you use for them?

  • girlcalledmercy

    This photographs are amazing. Some of the gowns were superb! And you really captured them well, it’s a swirl of colours , pearls and incredibly shinny fabrics.

  • Rosie

    Who is that in the gorgeous golden yellow caftan/dress?
    She looks amazing… sorry for my lack of fashion knowledge 😛

  • rebecca

    ,,,olivia palermo is the epitome of beauty to me. i always think her style of dress is perfection. she always looks so chic in denim and a simple blouse/sweater or beautiful in an elegant beaded gown. and her handsome boyfriend is a lovely accessory. where was he? (smile) olivia and johannes, angelina and brad and you and kevin make handsome couples,,,

  • Christine

    The pocket on that dress that Juliette Lewis is wearing – perfection! It’s not noticeable when you look at the front of the dress.

    I also love the color.

    • It’s Zac Posen! He makes the most glamorous gowns!

  • So much fashion deliciousness, I can’t even stand it!

  • Heiko Kunkel (olschok)

    Thank you very much for the great pictures! :)

  • Kari O.

    Who’s the woman in the white dress with the black moto jacket draped over her shoulders? Gorgeous, gorgeous dress!