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Summer Lovin’

from the studio archives

I’m officially diving into summer. Lobster rolls, weekends in the Hamptons, and now we are down south for the next couple of weeks soaking up the sun, practicing our swing, catching up on reading, celebrating our 1 year anniversary and watching the Texas sun set. On a personal note, any minute now I will become a proud auntie to baby twins!

We will be back to regular posting here in July but in the meantime you can follow our summer travels and adventures on Instagram! I hope you have a beautiful summer.
Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  ― Henry James

 Summer Lovin’ starring Mary Kate & Brett / styled by Jessica Soga & Kylie Fife / Hair & Makeup by Virginia Bradley

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  • Have fun in Texas! I’m a bit biased, but I have to say: it’s the best state. Try to stay cool!


  • Oh, I remember some of these photos from your older posts! How colorful and appropriate for this time of year!

    Hope you have an amazing time this summer getting to be back home and that you get to soak it all in… and an early congrats on your new title as Aunt Jamie! Looking forward to your photos on Instagram and the blog posts to come in July!

  • Isa

    Ahh, tutus! And all those shoes!

    Congrats on your anniversary and becoming an auntie!

  • Vanessa Sh

    this is probably one of my favorite shoots you’ve done. i love carnival scenes and the colors!!!!

  • Walter Hettich

    Have a nice time… Best regards from germany.

  • My goodness, the colors in this shoot just make me so happy. Happy anniversary Jamie and Kevin! The mister and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month. Best year together yet. TWINS!? Wow, that is so thrilling! So much to celebrate. Wishing the two of you a rejuvenating and relaxing vacation… Of course I can’t wait to see the photographs.

  • Beautiful photos! And I cannot believe it has already been a year since you got married! Happy Anniversary!!!

  • Ah…this makes me summer ready! Enjoy some R&R and congrats to being an Aunt! :)

  • So sweet! Love the colors of this photoshoot AND the girl’s hair =)

  • Have an amazing summer :)

  • Sanne Lelie

    I love how much energy and fun is in those pictures! <3

  • Fernanda Iglesias

    Oh I’m so glad you reposted this. The colors are so amazing it makes me smile. Have fun on your vacation!

  • Beautiful collection, as always!

  • camillaleila

    happy happy summer to you! (and 1 year anniversary, yay!) we just had our 1.5 year (we’re THOSE people) and it feels surreal. marriage is cool. i like it.

    loving your instagrams extra lately.

  • camillaleila

    also – baby twins! YAY! i have twin-toddler cousins and my not-so-secret dream in life is to have twins.

  • Yasmine Brooke

    Beautiful photo set! Amazing pictures, these remind me so much of summer fun :)
    Yasmine xx

  • YAY! I remember this shoot; loved it then, and love it, now. Which makes it a classic. Best wishes to your family on the baby twins – awww! Have a lovely break down South :) And Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

  • Gita

    Wow, just wow. I’m speechless from all this beauty.

  • Have a great vacation! It was a great year for your blog. Thanks as always.

    (The colors in this post are fantastic)

  • UrbanJungleFashion

    I love the color and the make up in all these photos!

  • Adorable photos. Great vintage vibe. Check out my website for unique vintage jewelry and let me know if you would like to work together sometime!

  • kaya

    This is so beautiful, so fresh!!

  • Oh my gosh! How gorgeous are these photos!? I want to be apart of it. I just love the vintage feel!

    A Redesigned Love

  • These photos are phenomenal!

  • Jen Ramos

    These photos are so fun and truly beautiful. Yay for summer!! This collection of photos captured the season well.

  • FatFreeFashion

    How fun! Loving the vibrancy of these photos!

  • she

    I love these photos, very well done.

  • Alexa von Canisius

    super Styling and a super pretty model !

  • We miss your posting Jamie! Going through withdraws over here!

  • Brianne

    Your pictures and blog are GORG. I am in love. (:

  • ONGala Velázquez

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt!!!! the pictures are gorgeous and at the same time you and your boyfriend look so sweet.

  • Amy

    Love all of the yellow in the photos and the Wonder Wheel! Makes me miss Brooklyn.


  • Emma @

    Might need to use some of these on our pinterest inspiration board – such a perfect summer vibe! the styling is really cute.

  • Brooke Searcy

    This is one of my favorite shoots you have done! Absolutely in love! The colors and compositions are just amazing!

    brooke searcy photography and InaWorldofBees!home/mainPage

  • StyleGodis

    This post screams summer with all the bright colors! I completely fell in love with the amusement park theme! Lovely outfits!


  • Vika

    you have the most amazing pics i’ve ever seen!

  • Your pictures are beyond amazing!

    Mafalda ❤