The First Day of Marriage

All images shot on 35mm Pentax with Kodak Tri-X 400 black & white film and Kodak Portra 400 color film

I wish I could go back. Not to the wedding day, though it was perfect and lovely, but to the morning after… Day 1 of being married. I loved this day. The way the air still smelled of wedding cake, the way the flowers looked so soft and began releasing their petals, the complete calmness that filled the room. Everything was still fresh and new, every memory of the day before so sharp and crisp. We sat at breakfast and talked through every last detail. What were your favorite hors d’oeuvres? How beautiful was the light?  What did you think when you first saw me? Oh my, wasn’t our cake delicious? I want to eat it again right now… would that be bad luck?

I couldn’t sleep that morning. My groom who was now my husband slept peacefully. I watched the city wake up out of our suite in the Carlyle Hotel. I looked at all the details, the evidence a wedding had ascended upon us. I touched the flowers, I held the lace, I smiled at the half filled champagne flutes scattered about. I felt that innocent, youthful joy, I basked in the glow of newness and I dreamed of all the adventures ahead.

“But Zelda, what wouldn’t you give to go back to the beginning, to be those people again, the future so fresh and promising that it seems impossible not to get it right?”

Recently celebrating our one year anniversary, we were looking back at our wedding pictures and I was reminded of this day and  these photographs I made so that I could go back to this time for the rest of time and remember that sweetness of our first day as husband and wife ~


The Wedding / The ReceptionMaking of our Wedding Attire

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  • clarebrown

    This post is like a dream. I absolutely adore it.

  • Rebecca

    Jamie your wedding aside from my own parent’s wedding was simple beautiful, down to each detail. Cheers! to crossing the year threshold.

  • It is so good to have you back! And I think you’ve managed to return with even more beautiful photos (is that even possible!?) than before!

    Such an intimate and delicate look at the beautiful memories you’ve captured Jamie, thank you for sharing! I remember the morning after my wedding… and I had this feeling of blissful giddiness in the pit of my stomach knowing I was embarking on a new lifelong journey. You’ve described it and captured it on film perfectly here.

    Happy belated one year anniversary… wishing you both eternal years of happiness to come!

  • Happy (belated) 1st Anniversary! And cheers to many more anniversaries to come!
    As always, the photographs are fabulous.

  • girlcalledmercy

    I looked at your wedding photographs again after this post and I will never say enough how simple, poetic, beautiful and inspiring they are. Everything seems perfect and planned with such grace and good taste…
    Happy anniversary to you and Kevin! I wish you so many more to come.

  • So, so beautiful Jamie. My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this year too (May 26th to be exact). We had a very intimate wedding, only 20 guests. After the party had dissipated we went on a walk, alone together, and found a sushi restaurant and talked for hours about our time together over the past 5 years. It will always be my favorite part of our wedding day…

    • I had goosebumps reading your comment, how beautiful your moments sound.

  • beautiful sentiment and shots


  • Happy first year of marriage :) Timeless photos…

  • StyleGodis

    These photos are elegant, beautiful and perfect! Lovely post!



  • Priya

    Such a beautiful story and photos. Perfect :)

  • Sud Raj

    The pictures make me feel nostalgic. It is such a sentimental post. Highly appreciated.

  • duyspasalonus

    look all very beauty!

  • camillaleila

    This soo takes me back to that first morning after my wedding. I love your sentiments here. Really, as soon as Damir and I got married I felt this incredibly intimate bond form. Right after our ceremony I felt it. I’m so glad you captured that morning in these photos. They are STUNNING. This makes me want to pull my film cameras out more often. There’s nothing like it…

    SO happy for you. Happy belated anniversary. Yay marriage!

  • Marietta

    Wow, those pictures are stunning!

  • Beautiful thoughts and photos about that special day! Made me remind me of the first day of my wedding too! Happy anniversary!

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    these photos gave me goosebumps. so beautiful and so intimate. thank you for sharing.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Bliss-ologie

    So dreamy. The best wedding idea I think I’ve ever seen. No one thinks of photographing day one. What a smart cookie you are.

  • Jillian

    That was my favorite moment of the “wedding”, too. The joy I felt when waking up with a HUSBAND for the first time is one I’d love to go back and relive again!

  • Jillian

    Oh, and we have the same anniversary! Same date, same year!

  • raggiante

    One year? Wasn’t it yesterday?
    Time goes by too fast, just photos as beautiful as yours can somehow stop it!
    Happy… everything!

  • so beautiful & romantic

  • Amanda

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing

  • candace

    YOU KILL ME WITH YOUR PHOTOS, YOUR WRITING. my goodness – absolutely stunning. you have such class, that is missing in todays time. you exude elegance.
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate time of your life.
    May God continue to shine his blessings on you and Kevin for the rest of your years.

  • Such a beautiful post. And SO TRUE. The day after is such a sweet day! Filled still with both butterflies and relief. Love the pictures as well!

  • These shots have so much soul and life…

    Mafalda ❤

  • Vanessa Sh

    How amazing and relaxing the first day as husband and wife! My first day was spent flying to Barcelona, only to be full of energy upon arrival. We spent the evening walking through the gothic district. We ended up at a restaurant called las caracoles, where we drank wine ate garlic covered prawns, jamon serrano, and ended with creama de catalan( like a creme brûlée but so much tastier)

    • Oh that sounds just lovely and terribly romantic.

  • Sanne Lelie

    I hope I can get married one day. But let’s start with finding the all so mysterious Mr. Right.

  • Amoore

    Hi your photos are so beautiful i was wondering where you got that pink dress from ?? it is so adorable

  • Dennis Aidan Robert Barkley

    oh my, it looks like the best day ever. loved your pics, hope you live happily together – forever 😉

    PS. Greece is waiting for your special photoshootings…!

    • One day I would love to go to Greece! X

  • Charice

    Very nice wedding post. i love the way you captured those images.

  • Charice

    Love the images. –pedicure chairs