Safari Mornings

Safari (27)

Before the sun rises every morning, we were awakened by a knock on the door where we rose for a light breakfast of oatmeal (with scotch if you prefer), the sun slowly waking up on the earth. We loaded up into our safari vehicles with hot water bottles, plaid wool blankets and, if you’re me, three cameras. It’s so quiet in the mornings, so peaceful. And the light. THE LIGHT. It’s the most beautiful light in the world. I dream of waking up every morning in this light. We sat quietly and watched elephants wander by (did you know their steps do not make a sound?), we looked at the mist dancing on the pond, we counted stripes on a zebra (did you know they stand overlapping in a group so their patterns confuse predators?), we tracked down lions and cubs, searched for cheetahs and followed wild dogs (which are actually rare!). One of the mornings we had a beautiful breakfast in the bush but mostly I just enjoyed the peacefulness of the mornings. Because later in the day…. it’s a whole different beast.

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  • Beatriz Teodoro

    I wish I was there! Love Africa so much <3

  • candace


  • Rosie

    Amazing pictures! I love the animation on the giraffe… For a moment I thought I’d imagined a flicker, when I scrolled back up I discovered your animation!

    • Hahaha, one of our cinemagraphs! They are sneaky like that :)

  • Jessie

    gorgeous, you are very lucky to experience something like this

  • Anggreta Zanu

    this is WOW *.*

  • Anggreta Zanu

    this is WOW *.*
    I’m following your tumblr, and love all of your work!

  • thecitygourmand

    That light is so layered and magical. Captured beautifully!

  • These photos make my heart ache, they’re so beautiful! You’ve captured the feeling, the light and the atmosphere so stunningly. And I looove the giraffe drinking from the little pond.

  • Tarragona IN

    Beautiful pictures. Enjoy your personal African Memories 😉

  • Londolozi

    These are the most beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Thanks for having such a beautiful place. You gave us an experience we will never forget! More posts to come! Xx

  • gorgeous & amazing

  • Dear Jamie,

    I’m sure you hear this every day, but your and Kevin’s photography is one of the most inspiring creative sources on the web for me. Recently, while you were back home, waiting for the arrival of your new family members, I’ve been checking Ann Street Studio site almost twice a day in the anticipation of new photos. Thank you for being such an inspiration every single day.

    Best from Berlin

    • Oh thank you thank you thank you so much for this. I can’t tell you how much the support means to us and hearing that what we do here in our little corner of the web reaches people and inspires them. I hope to bring new inspiration to you in the coming months.

  • ygriega

    Truly a beautiful post about a beautiful place. I am sure the photos cannot encompass your feelings but it’s a good start! So inspiring for a trip plan.

  • I want to live in that morning light, always. How magical it must have been to be so close to all those beautiful creatures. I adore animals and definitely hope to go on an adventure like this someday… Although I might need to convince my husband…

    • You would look like such an exotic beauty in this landscape! Oh yes, you must!

  • UrbanJungleFashion

    I loved all these pictures. It makes me want to save so I can visist the motherland.

  • look at that golden hue!! So, so gorgeous and inspirational! xx


    One of the most powerful landscape. We love Central and Southern Africa.

  • picture perfect


  • Leith Mahoney-Maver

    I just want to say that I have been following your blog for the past couple of months and your pictures haunt me (in a good way) every single time. Your photography has that glossy editorial page spread style of a far-off life that only exists in my imagination – the sort of photography that drew me into wanting to capture my own beautiful photos when I was a girl (but I am a horrible photographer, sigh). Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world! I love your work. –Leith

    • “of a far-off life that only exists in my imagination” I like to photograph dreams, I like to see the world in that magical way and I too live the fantasy in the photographs. Thank you for your comment and keep on taking pictures!

  • Tracy Gilmore

    I love that you sneaked in a cinemagraph! That giraffe is so sweet. These photographs are gorgeous, per usual!

  • Vanessa Sh

    So gorgeous, I love how the sun and clouds can make the setting!! Did you use any post production actions to get the color just right??

  • These are making me nostalgic for my life in Africa, when I grew up in Botswana. Such beautiful imagery.

    • oh my gosh! next time we run into each other (NYFW?) you must tell me all about Botswana and your childhood. AMAZING.

  • Netzahualcoyotl Mendoza

    Hermosos paisajes y animales.

  • Ah! The african wild dog is the only animal i didn’t see! we were pretty lucky to see a lot of honey badgers :-)

  • Joey

    Dear Jamie,
    Your pictures got me all nostalgic of our trip to Tanzania a couple of months back. Apart form the scenery and the wildlife..which just seemed like a magical existence, we were truly blown away by the humble and harmonious nature of the people there. Your pictures makes me want to relive those misty early mornings when the grass is still damp with dew and there is a beautiful concoction of excitement and adventure in the air!thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs!
    with love from India,

  • Sanne Lelie

    Love it, such a beautiful atmosphere. The animals are so exotic!

  • KwaThabisile Game Lodge

    Absolutely love your photos … And yes, the giraffe one was especially special … Been looking for wildlife cinemagraphics … Love it!