Safari Dreams

Deep in the wilds of Africa we found our honeymoon chalet. Built over the riverine bush we would lie in bed at night and listen to the animal cries, feeling so small and so human in this world of other kings. When the sun was high on those lazy afternoons we’d hide out on the porch watching elephants herd by while we wrote in journals, sketched in notebooks, and read our novels. The romance of the mosquito net like a wedding veil fills my memory of this space in a soft glow of white light. Showers outside on the porch under monkeys swinging by and an endless view of the African vista felt so free and so naturally beautiful. Nights in long baths with old jazz playing its heartfelt tune take me back to this dreamy place, this homey place so rich in comfort so far from home.

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17 thoughts on “Safari Dreams

  1. The photograph that you’ve opened with captures this entire post perfectly… the subtle intimacies of lover’s feet against one another while lying in bed under a net canopy… how romantic! Every photo speaks volumes on it’s own, but my absolute favorites are the ones of you standing on your toes on the porch, and the one of you sitting with the scarf wrapped around you… it’s like you’ve become a part of your surroundings! Love these so much!

  2. These photos have a dreamy look as in the Casablanca movie. When I see pictures like these in black and white where you find the play of light and shadow, I’m lost in the past! This is the case with I say, what you can’t do with your 35mm Pentax? 🙂 Dreaming Pictures.

  3. stunning pictures as always! my husband and i are heading to londolozi in a couple of months to celebrate our anniversary and i only hope we have as amazing an experience as you seem to have had! i have to ask, where/what designer is your shirtdress? it’s utterly gorgeous!

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