Safari Afternoons

I will never forget hearing the first roar from a lion. My entire body filled with adrenaline, fear, anxiety, total alertness. It is a sound that cuts straight to the center of your chest, an emotional reaction that feels today the same way it must have felt to humans thousands of years ago. We would cruise around, tracking paw prints in the sand. It was always breathtaking when we found our animal, it was always the most beautiful thing.

There were these wonderfully quiet moments where we would just sit in silence among the wild and all the world felt in perfect harmony. In contrast we had other times where we were speeding through the African tundra, chasing a lioness on the run, our hearts racing! “Tattle tail” birds would scream warnings of the predator on the move while giraffe, zebras, and impalas ran for their lives. Fear and adrenaline pump through your blood, a high we felt for hours. Being in the presence of something much stronger and more powerful than you, understanding and observing the circle of life, how it is such a beautiful balance, makes you respect and appreciate the world just as it is when it just IS.

We were so fortunate to stay at this beautiful resort but even if you were anywhere else, it doesn’t change the way the sunrise looks in the misty morning, the quiet way elephants migrate past you or the feeling in your soul when a lion looks you right in the eye…


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22 thoughts on “Safari Afternoons

  1. Beautiful, Jamie. I especially love the one of the lion and lioness playing/’arguing’. You capture the mood so well. I was also wondering.. what lens did you use mostly on the day excursions?

  2. These images, as always, are stunning. I’ve been so excited to see each post in this series — but funnily enough, what stuck out to me most is how your husband always has that happy content look on his face in images. How wonderful to live life that way!

  3. There are two trips I want to go on before I leave this Earth: a tour of the Amazon rainforest, and an African safari. Seeing these beautiful photographs just made me even more eager to make this dream a reality. What an awesome experience you were able to capture! Thank you for sharing. – Leith

  4. I love the coloring in your photos here. Are they digital or film? If they are film which did you use? I’m always checking your blog for film recommendations as I love to shoot with vintage film cameras as well.

  5. The image of the leopard( ?) on the cover has a very high definition, I
    was enchanted, has the perfect colors like as the elephants pic. This set are spectacular!

  6. What type of camera and lens did you use for these shots? They are incredible, it makes me want to jump on a plane and head to Africa right now. Thank you for sharing!

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