Fashion Editorial

The Regal Beauty

For a beautiful moment, a young muse was transformed, developing a sense of mysterious calm. 

This clothing captured my imagination when I first saw the Spanish brand at NYFW. It was elegant and romantic while being ever so avant-garde. Delpozo’s history is as rich in story telling and fantasy as the clothing is today. The house has designed award-winning costumes for ballet and opera, tableware, and jewelry. The original designer Jesús del Pozo’s appreciation for all things beautiful was apparent in every venture he pursued.

You can see why I became so inspired to bring to life this character, this beauty and visually tell a story of a young princess tied to duty with every storm in life ahead of her but with the innocence that can only come from youth, a character I saw within the silhouettes of these pieces, through the eyes of our stunning model and the regal Chopard jewels.

Now creative director Josep Font is reinvigorating this well-known Spanish brand under the name DELPOZO and relaunching with more of a focus on high-end women’s clothing. I’m looking forward to photographing the new collection in just a few weeks when a fleet of models will glide down the runway in a whole new fantasy.  While Font draws inspiration from many varied places, he is absolutely centered on connecting with women. As he said in an interview with ELLE:

Women, like art, have no age.

Tayane of FORD Models / Shoes from Walter Steiger / Dresses from DELPOZO / Gloves from Perrin Paris /Jewelry provided by Chopard / Hair by Bethany Brill / Makeup by Porsche Cooper / Shot at Ann Street Studio

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  • Wow! Beautiful photographs! I’m so excited to see your collaboration with Delpozo for fashion week!

  • camillaleila

    Holy moly, the quality of these cinemagraphs!!! It surprised me because I thought it was just a photograph at first. You guys have really taken this art form to a new level!

  • Karolina

    Amazing! The subject, the photographs and the way you cinemagraphed it!

  • Sofia

    So pretty! This model really has that spanish beauty! Beautiful cinemagraphs!!

  • Rianne

    Jamie, I am wondering if by chance you know the name of that lip color the model is wearing? It’s beautiful. These photos are gorgeous!

  • Her eyes, her eyes!! Gorgeous…that cinemagraph. Did you know that America’s Next Top Model, this season has been using a similar technique for some of their photos?

  • Heiko Kunkel

    One word: Yes! <3

  • Somerset Wedding Gal

    Well these photographs are just stunning! And I love that quote! Women, like art, have no age! I think that’s so interesting!

  • Lilyana

    So beautiful! The gifs make me think of those moving pictures/portraits in the Harry Potter movies. Your pictures make me dream of beautiful things. :’)

  • Marietta

    I totally agree with the Harry Potter comment. I may have already asked this, but how did you get the pictures to move?


  • Isabel A.

    I’ve always loved Josep Font’s creations, both his ancient own brand (so sad he’s to closed because financial problems) and for Del Pozo. His designs are always so original, dreamy, risky…

  • UrbanJungleFashion

    Just beautiful.

  • A Key to the Armoire

    He’s always being fantastic! So glad you got to work with a Spanish couturier! :) Being from Spain, it makes me proud, of course! AMAZING dresses, styling and shoot :) LOVED IT!! :)

  • nikki

    The moving portrait is out of this world beautiful!

  • Joseph Conte

    Its been a while since I’ve been able to genuinely admire a very beautiful photograph of such a striking woman.