Portland, Maine

There are three things I think about when I think about Portland, Maine: the blue color of the ocean off the side of a sail boat, lobsters, and L.L. Bean. A couple of years ago, this American standard launched L.L. Bean Signature, with a nod to heritage and updated classics. I understand the thrill of a new look but for me, sometimes I just want to put on a simple black turtleneck or a cozy autumn sweater with some classic boots and call it a day (like on THIS day for example). So we paid them a visit at their store in Freeport, Maine, that is unbelievably open 24 hours a day – literally shop till you drop! – and then spent the last remaining sunsets of summer in Portland where the red brick contrasts the blue ocean and those white sails go gliding by like a painting that never changes but is always moving on the horizon.

L.L. Bean Signature’s perfect travel bag! Westport Leather Tote.

Below: Discovered Portland General Store Apothecary which makes simple and natural beauty products inspired by antique recipes. I LOVE the shampoo and conditioner. Kevin loves the whiskey after-shave. Also, this is a great gift for any man in your life. 

Other shopping favorites: 2Note Botanical Perfumery & Folly 101

Fall favorites from L.L. Bean Signature: I can never have enough white button-ups, especially on work days. I get the *most* compliments when I wear this sweater and I’m really looking forward to cooler weather so I can cozy up in this. This dress is such a girlfriend dress and you can never go wrong with a black blazer. For the snow, for the city.  

With circle skirts, with jeans, with pencil skirts, or on the job, this is the most versatile thing in my closet. 

Kevin’s autumn plaid, worn in chinos, and updated moccasins 

The food in Maine is worth going just for that purpose alone. Some of our favorites include Fore Street for dinner and ambiance. Duckfat – one word: fries. Saltwater Grill for lunch. Eventide Oyster Co. as much as possible. The oyster buns are TO DIE FOR. and the oysters. Just everything there. 


Playing Kennedy

His: Shirt, tweed sport coat, chinos, shoes

Hers: Sweater, herringbone skirt, flats 


More of Maine: When we bought Shaker / one of the best meals of our life

17 thoughts on “Portland, Maine

  1. This looks so incredible! Next time, if you don’t mind, I will just join you and Kevin. I will even offer to carry all the bags. Also, I love the photo of Kevin in landscape with the sun setting behind him and the sail’s silhouette. Beautiful! x

  2. In the third grade, we had to give a report on a state and I wanted Maine despite the fact I had never even been there! I ended up not getting to report on it (I got Maryland instead) but my desire to spend time in Maine hasn’t changed. Seems like such an enchanting place. And can I just say, the two of you look amazing!

    1. Oh I 100% set up the photos! What I do is take the image exactly how I want with exposure and crop, show the person and give them reference points to where to crop in the frame to match my photo then tell them to take a million, just go click click click click! 🙂

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